3,000,000 lies

The most often mis-represented fake statistic is that of Nick Clegg and other wannabe EU commissioners and Europhiles is that Brexit would lead to 3,000,000 job losses in the UK.

UNTRUE obviously. This comes from a mis-reported article in the Independent bank in September 2000!!! and has been fake reported ever since.

The truth is that 3,000,000 jobs are associated with businesses that sometimes or partly trade with the other 27 EU member states.

here’s 3 FACTS to counter any arguments to this effect you come across.

Fact One


the Equivalent lie is that 6,000,000 jobs inside the 27 EU member states relate to trade with the UK. This does NOT of course mean that when we Brexit, 6million EU citizens lose their jobs.

Fact Two

see cover photo. The department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) advises us that there are 5,400,000 Private businesses in the UK – and that 99.9% are small or medium sized (under 50 and under 250 employees respectively). The CBI, IOD and other equally flawed trade organisations state year on year that the majority of their members every single year object and cite as the biggest single business inhibitor irrelevant and unnecessary regulations and directives coming from the EU. And whilst 99% of UK businesses do not sell any good or service into the EU. It is the 7,000 (of 5.4 million you will recall) who are deemed large. More than 250 employees. And who bully the agenda for the REAL wealth creators of UK plc.

EU red tape image

Just suppose every private business in the UK – unshackled by unnecessary regulatory clutter the other side of Brexit – employed just ONE more person? Even I can do the math. 5,400,000 new jobs! Real jobs.

Fact Three.

the UK has/is/owns 70% of Europe’s fishing waters yet since the EU designated fishing stocks a “shared resource” the British fishing industry has been allowed to land just 17% of randomly allocated tonnage quotas. Since the 1930s employment in fishing in the UK has fallen by 80% (40,000 plus REAL jobs; source Daily Telegraph and ONS 2015 UK employment stats)

UK fishing image

Will someone please – one day soon – tot up in a simple for Sun readers to understand table – the number of jobs the EU has ACTUALLY destroyed or taken away – not MIGHT be at threat – but HAVE been destroyed. Steel, agriculture, fishing, ship-building, retailing, oil production, energy generation etc etc etc

If I was a gambling man I would wager HEAVILY that that number is already over 3,000,000 and by a very large margin.

have a nice day.

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