5 Cries called NO

In MoneyWeek this week – the editor stated that “as far as I’m concerned, as a beacon of capitalism at the Edge of Europe, Britain has nothing to fear from Brexit”.

The well regarded magazine went onto to say that even  if you IGNORE the equally relevant debates on Justice, Migration, labour directives, climate change and defence – the Economy is STILL an area where Out or No campaigners still have most of the trump cards.

Stuart Rose and his “bought off” cronies are plain wrong.

And MoneyWeek list 5 key ideas and thoughts.

IDEA 1 – the EU has never helped to protect key strategic UK businesses & industries

The steel industry this month, this year brings this starkly into focus. The key in cyclical industries is to hold your nerve, your breath, during downturns. Horribly, the EU rules ban government aid for business. And as we know – once you close down an industry like steel, it is nigh on impossible to re-establish it.

IDEA 2 – the EU’s importance continues to decline

When the UK joined in the 1970s, the EU even with its membership of 9, accounted for 37% of global GDP. Today, with 28 members, it is 20% and falling. Ignore China, Russia, India, Brazil, African, Canada, the US all you want. They are not going away.

IDEA 3 – the EU’s conflicting goals – are holding US back

With 28 teams on the political football pitch at any one time, conflicting agendas and priorities cause vacillation and delay. Trade talks with the US, Japan, India and the UAE have practically ground to a halt. We could – set free – establish agreements in next to no time. South America India China and Japan in particular. Setting import and export tariffs is and would be HUGELY important to Britain’s economic interests.

Leave it to a bunch of incompetent EU officials – and guess what happens. Nothing.

IDEA 4 – Britain would and COULD become a Trade Magnet

Even outside the EU, Britain would actually become a stepping stone for WorldWide trade into the EU. Given that we import MORE from the EU than we export TO the EU, its in the EU’s interests to forge a pretty decent trade agreement. Being outside of the EU will NOT be detrimental to trading with it.

IDEA 5 – some Ideas are just plain BAD. Perhaps even Mad.

Everyone agrees with the first principle of economics – that trade is GOOD. Most with obvious Corbyn-ista exceptions would also agree with the second principle – that Central Planning is equally BAD. Most rationale people will see on close inspection that the EU has gone from trade enhancer, to trade obstacle. Ask the redundant steel workers of Redcar where they stand on the EU?

There is not one example of a planned socialist state working. And if you are shouting China – I can refer you to a list of 100 reasons why China is not socialist. From executions to autocratic leadership.

Why has Australia never found the need to be part of a wider “trading bloc”? Ditto South Korea? Ditto Japan?

Beware – the “in” campaign have already started to spread lies, damn lies and statistics about the economic cost of a Brexit.

Keep it simple.

the UK as a beacon of capitalism at the edge of Europe has nothing to fear from Brexit.

Spread the word.

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