6 Degrees of Alienation

Wednesday pm: well he’s now had 6 goes at this. And he still just does not get it. He patronises, he tells fibs, he he can actually become quite offensive.

Plattitude One. Britain Walking Tall again. No mention of record levels of immigration at 298,000 net annual inflow. What good is a reduction in your income tax, if that tax that used to get you a GP appointment, a school for your children you wanted or a sewage system that doesnt spout effluent onto your front drive – now promises none of the above? Imagine another 1,500,000 unskilled migrant workers continuing to cherry-pick the UK throughout the next parliament. Will you recognise the UK in 2020?

Fact Avoided number 2: Nigel Farage posed the not unreasonable question with regards to the Chancellor’s claim that he has “managed the public finances well”. The stark facts are these; Labour doubled the National Debt in 13 years – Boy George did the same in just 5. What part of paying interest rather than NHS wages as just plain wrong does he not get? That’s plain common sense – or in his case nonsense.

DoublingDebtIncredible to think that the Tories have a 28 point lead on their “handling of the economy”. What on earth would happen were the British People to be so daft as to give the car keys back to Red Ed and BallsUp? I find this so so scarey.

In three – bare faced Lies. Always a favourite this one with the Tories. Or put more fairly deny the negatives and answer the question you would have preferred. Example: “but you promised you would reduce immigration to the tens of thousands – no ifs or buts. But today it sits at 298,000. Why haev you not resigned?”. Answer: ” we have reduced migration from outside the EU over the parliament as we promised”. Sorry? What did you say.

Maybe its something to do with those unaffordable Etonian educations. Maybe that delusional sense of “we were born to rule over you…”. Who knows. Maybe theyre all just plain mad?

Pretence number four. Dealing with the Banks. Continuing to allow the Fat Cats most of the ceram. On the surface his increased Banking Levy of £900,000,000 sounds a little like retribution. Until you realise of course that Tax breaks and banking Chief Executives left unpunished are the price on the other side of this “tax increase” for the rich. The Chief Execs of HSBC alone would have wasted £900million of each and every one of their shareholders cash – to keep them from a courtroom and even god forbid fair justice. You can hear them now. “Well done George – we can live with that…”

FatCatsVarious institutes have come out and advised the thinking public that the extra £12billion in welfare spending cuts per annum over the next parliament is actually not only unlikley, but mathematically impossible.

As per usual of course the greatest lie of all is disguised and hidden in a 2019/2020 “promise”. When spending will the same percentage of GDP as it was at the peak of Gordon Brown’s Borrow-and-Bust econoomy on 2000.

Bribe number 5 – Help to Buy ISAs. So lets get this straight. You save £2,400 a year, and Lord Cameron tops you up a further £600. You are living in Hertfordshire. You need a 20-30% deposit to just get started. My maths suggests that that will take you between 10 and 20 years depending upon your specific housing needs. And assuming NIL house price inflation! Does anyone actually buy this garbage?

Soundbite number 6. We are “the ComeBack Country”. But hang on a second. Where have we come back from? A mess created by Labour. A debt doubled under the Old Etonian Homeguard. And an unworkable set of experimental EU business practices and madates that has basically bankrupted 8 in every 10 small businesses that existed in 2007. That’s destruction of national income and opportunity on a massive scale never before seen.

Sorry to seem somewhat negative over the smirking ruling elite’s latest script. I’m sure YouGov will knock out a poll by morning proclaiming original thinking and more lies about how fast we are growing compared to – uuh, well France and Greece.

above are justSix immediately obvious errors in Tory Logic and Right Wing media propagation.

How on earth does the LibLabCon survive? Search me. Vote UKIP.

Give our country a fighting chance.




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