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Exasperated QuestionTime viewer no longer content to leave it to the Westminster Elite


Greatest Lies no.1

3,000,000 British jobs will be lost in the UK leaves the EU

Possibly the greatest lie ever told by Europhiles SO FAR!

The very very basic facts. The trade deficit between the UK and the other 27 EU member staes was £109.2 billion in 2014. that’s Imports FROM the EU are £109,200,000,000 more than exports TO the EU. It seems at first sight to be unlikely that the EU would seek to disrupt a trading arrangement that is so much more beneficial to itself than it is to us.

The source of the Greatest Lie ever Told?

Look no further than the Independent Newspaper – 18th February 2000 to be precise – that DELIBERATELY misquoted the results of a study by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research. It was so misleading that the actual Director of the NIESR at the time called it “pure Goebbels propaganda” and that “…in my many years of academic research I cannot recall such a wilful distortion of the facts”.

That’s from the Director of the Institute whose research the Independent Newspaper misquoted!

The actual facts and figures of that study?

For the record, the actual facts of THAT study stated quite clearly and dispassionately that:

3.4 million jobs in the UK are associated with trade with the EU. Not membership of it.

the EU26 (at the time not 27) trade THEN into us was 12% higher than ours with them

it follows thus that nearly 4,000,000 EU jobs depend on exports TO the UK

we have a heavy trade deficit with the EU – but with the REST of the world a healthy surplus

our most successful trade is with the USA, then Australia and then Switzerland

our trade with the then EU26 now EU 27 is falling year-on-year (last ONS report -13%)

our trade with the Rest of the World is rising year-on-year (same ONS pink book +12%)

whilst the UK’s working population rises every year – many of Europe’s are falling for example Germany (-25%), Italy (-20%) and Spain (-14%). These stats from the UN World Population Prospects annual report.


Is it any wonder then that Nick Clegg, having LOST his 2 debates on the matter of Europe with Nigel Farage, saw his party decimated at the General Election poll the following year? The British People understand good old fashioned facts and figures, straight talking. Saint Nick repeatedly lied in the debates. He lost 85% of his MPs in the House of Commons as a result.

Leaving the EU will improve and grow the British economy faster. Let us focus on that!.

Have a great week.


Lies, damn lies & the EU

From today until the now infamous Cameron Referendum on EU membership, this blog will devote itself to picking apart the lies, media spin (mostly BBC, Independent and Guardian) surrounding the Europhiles’ case.

Unlike the BBC, the Independent, YouGov, the Conservative Party, the LibDems, the Guardian, Richard Branson et al we shall concentrate on facts. And facts that are independently verifiable.

We shall start with the biggest lie to come out of Fleet Street since the Hitler Diaries; the claim made, which Nick Clegg took to his heart during the debates that he lost in 2014 to Nigel Farage – that the UK’s exit (tabloidly referred to now as the Brexit) would cost 3,000,000 British jobs.

I shall apologise right here and now – that much of tomorrow’s blog will be repeated over the next 6, 12, 18 months – or however long David Cameron keeps us waiting.

But THIS LIE is the most dishonest of recent times perpetuated by the land of vested interests and corporate cronyism.

We shall pick it to pieces bit by bit. Untruth by untruth. Economic mislead by economic mislead.


There IS only one vote…

…and that is for a party with a fully costed manifesto for the next 5 years. And a costed manifesto that was independently validated by an independent and respected think-tank. And this manifesto and its costings has NEVER been challenged ONCE in the last 6 weeks.

UKIP is the ONLY sensible, logical vote for change. It is positive. It will enable us and our country to:

  • Invest a real, EXTRA £3 billion into the NHS every year
  • Enable students to study subjects at university, that the UK economy needs, for free on an ability-based selection method
  • Enable the abolishing of Inheritance tax forever
  • Allow workers on the minimum wage (£13,500 per annum) to pay zero income tax, keep all of their hard earned wages and thus eliminate the tax & working tax credit back nonsense
  • ensure the country maintains its 2% NATO commitment on defence spending

the list of positive reasons for change and for a UKIP vote goes on and on and on and on. Moreover we will regain control of our borders and ensure our pensioners are all comfortable in retiremenIMG_6311t. You’ll find all of this in our best ever 76 page 2015 manifesto.

you can see this at or email any members listed there who will be only too happy to send you a PDF or Hard Copy.

Read it.

See for yourself. Put it to the common sense test. And then vote UKIP. It’s the only vote that MAKES sense. And don’t forget that the only problem with common sense is that it is not that common!

thank you.




You would have to be Mad

to think of voting for the LibLabCon. If you are thinking of supporting Nuttily Bennett you probably are mad already.

but as you head into the ballot booth today – and 5 in every 6 votes cast in the General Election will be recorded today – think on some if not all of the following:

on 1st January 2017 the EU will approve legislation to give THEM the power to overrule any member state allowing their people an In/Out referendum. Cameron’s pledge is PHONEY.

Immigration net was 298,000 last year. It is rising. It will be greater this year. It will hit a record all time high this year. Cameron lied.

we are STILL despite austerity running a UK budget deficit of £90 billion. That’s the Education & Defence budgets combined. Our TOTAL national debt now exceeds £1.5 trillion. That’s 2 years TOTAL government spending.

Labour doubled the national debt in 13 years.

the Coalition REDOUBLED it in the last 5.

RedEd and Mr Cooper have only confessed to 3 tax increases – the Mansion Tax, an increased higher rate of income tax of 50% to effect senior nurses & teachers and increased corporate tax.

The independent Institute of Fiscal Studies has estimated these may raise £1billion, zero and £1billion respectively.

the sum total of Labours election spending pledges will cost, so far, around £20 billion. That means more borrowing, more interest to repay and a repeat of Gordon Browns near bankruptcy in 2010.

both establishment parties are fake. Both will re crash the UK economy. Both will fail the British people.

you have been warned – please vote UKIP today.image

Thank You.





the Greatest Lie ever Sold

That leaving the EU will cost the UK jobs.


Leaving the EU will save us over £12billion pounds every year. Forever.

That’s enough money to fix the Health Service for Good – and have plenty to spare.

That’s enough money to provide free University education for Britain’s best and brightest.

That’s enough money to abolish Inheritance Tax overnight – that envy-fuelled robber of our life savings


The UK is the largest single member state market for ALL the other European countries (EU or otherwise).

We are sold more cars than we sell.

We are sold more white goods than we export.

We are the second largest net contributor into the EU. Without us, the EU budget would have to be cut by 25%

CONCLUSION. They need us more than we need them.

UKIP – we just SAY what the rest of you are THINKING.




Pollsters final guesses.

Bank Holiday Monday. 3 days to go.

Well they’re in. And true to their word – or rather their sponsors’ instructions – it’s a closely contested election.Poll-of-Polls_4 days out

Of course it’s not! It plays to the Murdoch empire on the one hand for Call Me Dave to still be in with a chance.

It plays to the EU and BBC agendas for Red Ed Miliband to still be in there pretending. 34.1% Tory versus 32.5% Labour and both of them screaming for all they are worth that their “entitlement” is greater than the other’s. The only thing staggering from the Poll of Polls is that the BBC and others have shown us as high as they have – this sugggests to this cynic that in reality we are nearer 20% and as we know where it counts – Clacton, Thanet South, Great Yarmouth, Thurrock, Heywood & Middleton its a lot greater than that!


Then votes for one of the LibLabCon. But surely we are better than that? Deserve more. Know that our vote is worth more than that, was fought for with far more imagination than that?

If you realise that the only way for TRUE CHANGE is to break with what you are being told; then vote for the Parties that are actually daying something new. That’s UKIP and the Greens in England, SNP in Scotland and UKIP in Wales & Northern Ireland.

Get the “shy UKIP” vote upto 20% and we will score a dozen seats or so at Westminster. Do what you did for Cleggmania last time out – 24% of the national vote in 2010 – and then we will represent you in parliament with well over 60 MPs.

That’s the truth of the matter. It’s within our grasp. All you have to do now is hold your nerve, and put that pencil cross in the UKIP box.

And maybe, just maybe, the world will look a better place Friday afternoon.

Happy Leafletting.


Beware the Coalition

Trust Easter was enjoyable for our readers. For us on Zero Hours contracts a fairly expensive way to enjoy chocolate! A long time ago now. But a weekend in Valencia has sharpened my pencil. As have the discussions with hoteliers and market stall vendors out there. They are all staggered at the flack the UK’s fastest winning party has been taking.

BBC, Kellner on the left & the Sun and the Tories to the right are starting to make their moves. As predicted.

IMG_6311The Coalition that could never surely repeat – well per a very well informed Spectator article last month, Tories and LibDems have met twice already to pre-agree the terms of Coalition 2 – this time its personal.

As we enter the final straight it seems quite apparent that 3 things are starting to happen.

(1) the massed ranks of the political elite are now well and truly repeating each other to a man and playing down UKIP’s chances everywhere. EU funded YouGov continues to peddle the propaganda that we shall only have Douglas Carswell and Clacton at Westminster a week tomorrow. Interesting that given the now “sacrosanct” (when ukip support falls) poll of polls shows 14% UKIP to 8% LibDems yet the statistically incompetent Kellner still shows 17 wins for Saint Nick. Shocking really.

Poll of Polls 2015 April 30





 (2) Sturgeon actually the Red Herring.

With SNP Scottish polls ranging between 45 and 54 % ( and 45 and all 59 of Scotland’s MPs) it seems to be that nearly all commentators have missed one key point. The fact the rises and falls are traditionally over-stated when viewed with the glasses of Harry Hindsight. I think its clear for all to see now that only George Osborne has realised that. The old adage of “how fast do you need to be to outrun a bear” – correct answer, “just a little bit faster than you” has never been truer. If the Tories are the largest single party in NUMBER OF SEATS terms, they gte to go first. My prediction of a year ago was CON 290, LAB 270, SNP 40, LibDem 30, UKIP 5 and 15 the rest. And it still looks good to me. This would mean LibCon at 320 plus our Nigel get to govern for the next 5 years and “finish off the mess” they have got themselves into.

Clearly Dave will go hunting out the Ulster Unionists first – but I like the look of the polls!

(3) Secret Salmond actually the right’s greatest ally

IMG_6289The scaremongering has started to work. 4 million Scots getting to dictate what 50 million English get to do will just not be tolerated – and even were they to get away with a parliament, the ensuing win in the Holyrood elections and the associated “Referendum2″ will finish off the UK has a Socialist haven hopefully once and forever.

Election night is always good fun. Watch out for the Pretend debates with Mr Dimbleby tonight, and then prepare for a couple of proper shock UKIP results Friday week. Expect something Welsh, something Northern and something completely unexpected. In Eastern too!

You heard it here first!

Have a good evening


Paying 4 Policy

Tuesday evening: And the Pollsters have admitted they are all Snake Oil Salesmen.

A poll in the weekend’s Sunday Times gave Labour a 4%age point advantage – and then yesterday’s two from Lord Ashcroft and ComRes saw a 4% lead to the Tories. Mathematicians out there will know that these 2 results are mutually impossible,

ComRes_Mail_Graphic30March2015given their stated margin for error of +/- 2%. Unless of course they are prepared on NON STATISTICAL bases?!

So its official – YouGov and friends have resorted to making it up. Dusting off my O Level maths books it becomes apparent that any poll with under 7,000 randomly selected voters has no statistically sound base! But clearly  that won’t stop Peter Kellner remaining in love with his own voice – “we will bringing out daily polls” he schmoozed on the Sunday Politics.

Dear oh dear oh dear. Dear UKIP High Command. Explain to the UK what needs doing!

UKIP have the only fully costed Manifesto. All UKIP’s commitments come in at less than £20billion annually. And as readers will know we pay for that in YEAR ONE with:

  • Stop_HS2_before_out-of-controlLeaving the EU and saving over £11 billion in net membership fees
  • Abandoning the greatest single white elephant out there – HS2. At least £3 billion per year for the next 20 (TWENTY) years not wasted
  • Reducing the Foreign Aid budget so that only truly humanitarian causes remain. At least £8 billion annual saving here to be had each and every year.

And of course ALL of the above is without relying upon £1 of efficiency savings across Government Bureaucracy (LibLabCon are planning for at least £5 billion here)

Costed_plans_to_fix_2015or being able to tax the professional internet corporate tax evaders (again the LibLabCon banks on at least £5 billion here too).

No wonder the LibLabCon are laughing all the way to the ballot box. Doubled the deficit. Noone seems to care. Tripled Net Immigration – not once held to account.

Being evasive and secretive about any of their pretend deficit elimination plans. Not even Andrew Neil, Paxman or Andrew Marr see particularly bothered about holding these conmen and women to account. But then again if you were paid £1,000,000 a year by the licence funded BBC would you care?

Realistically UKIP can readily show how we can…

SAVE £40,000,000,000 at least every single year over the next 5 years

The rest are conning you. Don’t be fooled. Don’t regret your choice on May 7th.

Vote UKIP on May 7th.
And sleep easy on May 8th knowing that it was not your fault.

Real people. Real Change. Real Choices. Real UKIP.



Sanjay the new Chair

Saturday 23rd: and the AGM of UKIP Welwyn Hatfield Branch.

at the UKIP Welwyn Hatfield AGM on Saturday 21st March 2015, Sanjay Gadhvi was elected unanimously as the new Chairman;  Welwyn Hatfield PPC Arthur Stevens welcomed the news and commented “Sanjay has been an active member of our branch since 2013 and has provided much appreciated wise counsel to me and others in the branch since we formed in October 2013″.

Sanjay Gadhvi has been a resident in Welwyn since 1989 and in his own words, entered the political arena out of shere frustration at the constant, meaningless squabbles between the Labour and Tory parties. UKIP offers up fresh alternatives. No more buck-passing. A break to the cycle of “same menu different chef”.

DC_who_caresIn fact the whole LibLabCon is one huge confidence trick on the UK.

Sanjay commented on Saturday that “since legitimately joining the Common Market (Under Prime Minister Heath), successive governments have all refused point blank to put the basic question of EU membership to the British People. On cue, just last week, following the budget, David Cameron promised – yet again – to “re-negotiate first’ with the European Union and then offer his employers, the UK electorate, the vote, maybe, as to whether we remain members of the failed club or not”.

Sanjay continued: “Please Mr Cameron, why do you continue to treat the electorate with such contempt, why have you pulled back from your 2009 promise of an “in out”  referendum.” It was stamped all over your EU 2009 Elections’ referendum.

“We continue to witness a total inability of the EU to solve the issue of Greece and Greece’s own failure to come up with a credible exit strategy. This is not because they, the Greek People, do not wish to exit the EU, but because the structure of the EU and Greece’s illogically fragile position in it, has proved to be the biggest hurdle against a speedy evacuation and soon to follow economic recovery. It is not a question of “if Greece will leave but only, When and How?”. Greece’s exit will be a bitter pill for Lady Merkel and others to swallow, but like much in life, a necessary one.

Greek_debt_2As of Saturday, Greece was again threatening Germany “not to pay”.

Chairman Sanjay went on to show how historical precedent has done nothing by way of true democratic change, enlivened new thinking or even democratic action to ask the one, true question facing the United Kingdom today. He went on:

“in 2010 We voted out Labour-Gordon Brown in favour of Tory-Cameron. Very unpopular Labour

1997, Tory John Major was voted out in favour of Labourite Tony Blair. Very unpopular Tories

1979, ditto, team GB voted out James Callaghan (ne Wilson) in favour of Margaret Thatcher. Very Unpopular Labour

1974, again we voted out very unpopular Tories ( this time led by Ted Heath) in order to deliver a second helping of Harold Wilson.

Are we unable or unwilling to see the pattern here? Must we continue to be part of a flat-batted, ping pong contest between incompetent Labour and incomprehensible Conservatives?

YouGov_Poll-of-polls 2010-Jan2015The public are with us. Last year we proved that the status quo is actually the status why? Chang can occur!

“Mr Miliband says it is time for change. We agree! But Tories to Labour and back again is not a change from where I’m sitting? Simply a return to Downing Street of either of 2 fundamentally failing and 2 clueless Westminster elite clubs will clearly provide no new solutions. Red Ed is beholden to Len McCluskey – David Cameron to forces we cannot always see or be aware of. Neither of them is change. Both of them are “status quo”.

“If we want change than UKIP is the only change on offer today, tomorrow and on Thursday May 7th. We are the only credible alternative. Thank you for your time and support”.