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Exasperated QuestionTime viewer no longer content to leave it to the Westminster Elite

hosp park fees

UKIP leading way on Abolishing immoral Hospital Car Parking fees

hosp park feesFormalised at this year’s Doncaster conference, UKIP senior spokesmen and women, announced their plan to abolish all hospital car parking charges under a future UKIP government or UKIP influenced coalition. Many hospital trusts see their captive audience as rich pickings and an easy source of cash to plug gaps created from over spending. Top 10 offenders are raising upwards of £4,000,000 a year per hospital – the money being taken from relatives and patients at times in their lives when support rather than additional taxation would surely be more appropriate? UKIP says unfair, questionably legal and certainly financial burdens that this party demands be lifted


Clacton be different, Clacton hold your nerve, Clacton be FIRST

Jeez those commentators make me angry. Plenty at it again yesterday. Protest vote this, protest vote that. Surely he most Fleet Street hacks can sense when the mood is one of change?Clacton2Clacton3

Kippers everywhere must be relishing this wind of change – especially those that have been with the party nearly 15 years. That man Cable – what’s he on about now with his imaginary economics? 80% cuts, 20% increased taxes witters Saint Vince. What don’t they get? HS2 adios, EU au revoir, developing nations – pay for your own Space Programmes. If you had to maybe you would think about giving everyone in your country running water or electrickery instead? Perish the thought. Over a parliament that’s at least £100billion not wasted. Deficit plugged and now for some business liberating cuts to commercial rates and corporation tax. You may not be able to have your cake and eat it – but if you sit back and PRIORITISE – and maybe even put UK citizens first – you can certainly both fix finances and reduce the fiscal burden.

Just a thought. As most folk now know – thanks to CastIronDave’s pretend emoti-speech at Birmingham – the Swiss Patent clerk once said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Fortunately looks like RedEd IS now dead in the water – so its only the other 2 Westminster parties we have to explain that to. Oh and another thing. That Shami Chakrabarti was on again last night. Now don’t get me started on her. If Strasburg is so freedom loving and beneficial for us UK residents, what’s she doing living in Lambeth? Remember, it’s not about Left or Right voters – it’s about right and wrong. Top line from our Nige that.



Turning the UK purple

May 2015 – UKIP target seats

May 2015 – UKIP target seats

Back in May, Spectator-istas and pundits everywhere deemed the very best that the brash UKIP-pers could hope to achieve would be a strong second. That is to say, they hoped we would fare no better than 2009. The swivel-eyed loons and gad-flies were, so went the Westminster intelligentsia, a reaction to public discontent and a protest vote. That theory was proved horribly wrong. People were of course voting UKIP – and getting UKIP. Unfortunately PR came with membership of the European Failed Project. But once the plebs were reminded of the glorious “first-past-the-post” system, they would realise such protests would once again be futile. Unfortunately only CastIronDave, RedEd and TuitionFeeNick believed that lie. England and Wales had woken up to the fact that in many seats up and down the country, 30-35% could actually gain you an MP or two. And once Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall and Patrick O’Flynn continued to set the political agenda – even the Political commentators had to admit that they “did do rather an entertaining conference”. Taking workers paid the minimum wage out of income tax completely, proved popular. Refusing to appreciate the validation they were dishing out, red yellow and blue all added this dose of fairness to their hastily written autocues, and practically fought to explain why this was actually THEIR policy. Well the game is up. The die is cast. Team GB has crossed the exasperation Rubicon. And we will wake up Friday morning with representation at Westminster. And they have no one to blame but themselves. Oh, and apparently we have 40 target seats. Which makes Mark Reckless’ weekend poll rating of 41% rather remarkable. It was the 271st least winnable seat. Think the unthinkable. It’s very very doable!



Struggling GPs

et tui]Monday. God I’m so angry. Is it just me or does nobody else out there see the hypocrisy of those wet-willed LibDems criticising the Tories? Do they think we care? Last night was watching Our Douggie wipe the floor with his “fellow candidates” on the BBC Eastern region’s “Battle for Clacton”. Not exactly tough though. Reckon I could have despatched Catweazle, AngryMan Labour and the Vicar from Bread to the boundary without too much trouble.

This Sober October scam is playing havoc with my liver too. A man cannot live by espresso and diet coke alone. Good to see PostieJohnson plotting to put RedEd out of his misery this side of Christmas. Thank god they’ve forgotten about his brother over at International Rescue. He could have spoiled everything next year. Seems odd fly me davethat CastIronDave felt the need last week to get all emoshe about the NHS.

Everyone knows that it makes no difference who’s in charge or at least who is pretending to be. We’re getting older, hospital foods getting worse, and without BUPA you’re on your own. Only UKIP plans to abolish hospital car parking charges in Hertfordshire. Nice one Nige. And as for those over-stressed GPs struggling by on their 6 figure salaries – last time I saw mine he was only worried about the Sky dish on his Greece-moored yacht and whether or not he could find someone to fix it in time for Downton on Sunday. God that makes me angry. Count: 12 espressos, 4 diet cokes.