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Everybody knows and understands that George Osborne is the brains behind the current ruling Tory elite – and David Cameron the current gameShow host allowed to be in charge until the next series.

Although PiggyGate and the Daily Mirror appear to have put more pressure on the Cameron Front Bench than Her Majesty’s Official opposition have managed so far this term. Conventional thinking (eg Boy George) wants the government to move back towards the centre and pick off some of the Old Labour and SDP LibDem migrants. What is more likely however is for there to be pressure to move further to the right  and whilst currently shackled by the “in Europe not governed by Europe” cry, they will have heard Tony Blair’s post match analysis which he has repeated many times – “I wish that I had done more in the immediate aftermath of the 1997 Landslide Win”. Call me Dave hardly got a Landslide but he did confound many. And before Europe starts fracturing the current Tory togetherness, there are signs that this is the direction of travel.

Poll rating re JC amongst votersMost Tories who are going to board the UKIP ship are already aboard. So whilst Cameron hoovers up on the right, again, another opportunity presents itself for the UKIP Leadership. As recent polling shows that rather than entice old Labour supporters BACK to a leadership under firm control of the Pro-IRA duo, the net effect is ACTUALLY to encourage more traditional Labour supporters to join the cohorts who voted so strongly for Nigel’s team back in May.

Counter intuitive? Not really – with several million economic migrants queuing up to be accommodated, educated and medicated – we all know that last years 558,000 new arrivals do not wage compress in Islington and Oxfordshire.

That whatever happens university lecturers, doctors, solicitors, head teachers, bankers and the military will not have them wages under threat from the Romanians.

DailyExpress_558,000Or the Bulgarians. Or the Poles, the Spanish and the French. Not even the 20% of the “refugees” who ARE actually Syrian will reduce barristers daily charges or GPs medical insurance court witness fees.

But it will further wage compress bus drivers salaries. Factory workers, cleaners, NHS support staff. Care home staff, bricklayers and carpenters weekly take home.

This is where Farage, Reckless, Evans and Nuttall need to refocus and double their efforts.

If you set out the reasoned UKIP case and policy set, old school working class Labour supporters WILL come. They have been betrayed by the Blairites, the £100,000,000 takings of Prime Ministers Blair and Brown. Ordinary people have sussed them out. They have given themselves away once too often.

Part of this will have been on account of the shere incredulity of the Islingtonian Pretend Socialists led so ably by Hunt, Chuka, Liz, Yvette and Stella. The looks on their faces at last weekend’s Membership Count was priceless, worth the £3 affiliate fee alone! They were appalled. A party run by its 500,000 members and not the 232 elite PPE students from Oxford and Cambridge?


Their clamour for a shadow front bench that represents men and women equally – well JC’s does! It’s just that it doesn’t include any of those fakes! Well played Mr Corbyn.

Now is the time for UKIP to make further inroads into mass support being offered up by the estimated 10 million disaffected voters.

That time may last 6 months – maybe even a year. But you know what. If you do nothing – nothing happens.

Bon weekend.

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