Sanjay the new Chair

Saturday 23rd: and the AGM of UKIP Welwyn Hatfield Branch.

at the UKIP Welwyn Hatfield AGM on Saturday 21st March 2015, Sanjay Gadhvi was elected unanimously as the new Chairman;  Welwyn Hatfield PPC Arthur Stevens welcomed the news and commented “Sanjay has been an active member of our branch since 2013 and has provided much appreciated wise counsel to me and others in the branch since we formed in October 2013″.

Sanjay Gadhvi has been a resident in Welwyn since 1989 and in his own words, entered the political arena out of shere frustration at the constant, meaningless squabbles between the Labour and Tory parties. UKIP offers up fresh alternatives. No more buck-passing. A break to the cycle of “same menu different chef”.

DC_who_caresIn fact the whole LibLabCon is one huge confidence trick on the UK.

Sanjay commented on Saturday that “since legitimately joining the Common Market (Under Prime Minister Heath), successive governments have all refused point blank to put the basic question of EU membership to the British People. On cue, just last week, following the budget, David Cameron promised – yet again – to “re-negotiate first’ with the European Union and then offer his employers, the UK electorate, the vote, maybe, as to whether we remain members of the failed club or not”.

Sanjay continued: “Please Mr Cameron, why do you continue to treat the electorate with such contempt, why have you pulled back from your 2009 promise of an “in out”  referendum.” It was stamped all over your EU 2009 Elections’ referendum.

“We continue to witness a total inability of the EU to solve the issue of Greece and Greece’s own failure to come up with a credible exit strategy. This is not because they, the Greek People, do not wish to exit the EU, but because the structure of the EU and Greece’s illogically fragile position in it, has proved to be the biggest hurdle against a speedy evacuation and soon to follow economic recovery. It is not a question of “if Greece will leave but only, When and How?”. Greece’s exit will be a bitter pill for Lady Merkel and others to swallow, but like much in life, a necessary one.

Greek_debt_2As of Saturday, Greece was again threatening Germany “not to pay”.

Chairman Sanjay went on to show how historical precedent has done nothing by way of true democratic change, enlivened new thinking or even democratic action to ask the one, true question facing the United Kingdom today. He went on:

“in 2010 We voted out Labour-Gordon Brown in favour of Tory-Cameron. Very unpopular Labour

1997, Tory John Major was voted out in favour of Labourite Tony Blair. Very unpopular Tories

1979, ditto, team GB voted out James Callaghan (ne Wilson) in favour of Margaret Thatcher. Very Unpopular Labour

1974, again we voted out very unpopular Tories ( this time led by Ted Heath) in order to deliver a second helping of Harold Wilson.

Are we unable or unwilling to see the pattern here? Must we continue to be part of a flat-batted, ping pong contest between incompetent Labour and incomprehensible Conservatives?

YouGov_Poll-of-polls 2010-Jan2015The public are with us. Last year we proved that the status quo is actually the status why? Chang can occur!

“Mr Miliband says it is time for change. We agree! But Tories to Labour and back again is not a change from where I’m sitting? Simply a return to Downing Street of either of 2 fundamentally failing and 2 clueless Westminster elite clubs will clearly provide no new solutions. Red Ed is beholden to Len McCluskey – David Cameron to forces we cannot always see or be aware of. Neither of them is change. Both of them are “status quo”.

“If we want change than UKIP is the only change on offer today, tomorrow and on Thursday May 7th. We are the only credible alternative. Thank you for your time and support”.

Peter_Kellner_EU bia_LabourSlide

Lies, Damn Lies and…

EU funded Pollsters – or so goes the slightly adjusted Mark Twain saying.

And as EU funded lying Pollsters go the current owner of YouGov has to be right up there. Not only is the mathematical basis for his “model” unsound – but his organisation also allows the bias of those paying his wages to further get in the way of accurately portraying what Polls around the UK are ACTUALLY saying.
Which is a shame.

Although clearly YouGov will be the ones left with maximum egg on collective faces.

One of his most laughable predictions has to be the %age probability he currently ascribes to his pet hate seat of Clacton.

Clacton_50-50_Ukip-Tory_12March2015He has now been FORCED to conced that maybe, just maybe, UKIP will win a seat on May 7th! What an imbecile.

Ladbrokes are currently offering 10 to 1 on for Douglas Carswell to triumph. Again. Europile Pete has the %ages at even money and with Douglas to collect 37% of the vote only (compared to 60% last time out). I truly think this shows how biased, unscientific and untrustworthy anything emanating from the YouGov stable is.

YouGov_Poll-of-polls 2010-Jan2015The trends of the British electorate are clear for any GCSE maths student. But not so it seems for BBC and EU funded YouGov.

I promise this will be my last rant at this loathsome organisation posing as independent and objective. He is gradually starting to fall away from his Labour overall majority dream. I have been tracking his “calculations” – which are an insult to the word calculus that he straps to his website in vain attempt to legitimise its bias – for some time.

Labour_trend_Oct14-Mar15He forgets his guesses are in the public domain. Only the BBC believe him.

Labour seat forecast is only trending one way as most normal people know.

Daniel Alexander (Labour’s Mr 35%) is worried. Peter now Lord Mandelson declared last week that Labour cant win. Even the SNP are making disdainful noises in the general direction of Islingtonia. They now that they do not need Labour to force their agenda upon the UK parliament. Again. Both Labour and Conservative will win under 300 seats. UKIP will win between 5 and 10. The Greens will triple their score. The LibDems will halve their 56 MPs. The SNP will be the 3rd largets party but with under 45 seats.

Dont forget. You heard it here first.

And all without the need to dress MY guesses up with bogus science and unsound mathematics. Vote UKIP.

And it just might be our year.

Bon Weekend.



Reasons to be Cheerful, Part One

Wednesday: and rumours of RedEd Miliband’s early demise do in fact appear confirmed. With 100 days to go – the 5 polls so far this week are predicting 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 the Tory party to be ahead. It would appear that in true Monty Python style, the Labour Party “….will be dreaming of a 35% poll rating”.

Natalie Bennett’s suicide bid attempt live on daytime Sunday TV was also a sight to behold. When Andrew Neil summarised the Green Party’s overall defence policy as being to “swap windmills for armaments” and she didnt blink – you knew she was mentally and emotionally gone.

Greens_NatBennett_hippyWhioch is a shame. Caroline Lucas would never have succumbed. Would seem that their “high water mark” of 11% may start to ebb from here.

Not so the “Alec Samond in Drag” Nicola Sturgeon. She sat up, sober and well rehearsed to tell the less-than-demanding Andrew Marr as to why it was appropriate for a Party that had recently lost an Independence Referendum in Scotland, to be turning up in numbers to vote on student loans, firemens’ terms and conditions and England taxation matters at Westminster.

SNP_new_era_2015Talk about a bad loser!

The now more-or-less morribund Marr failed to challenge at even the most obvious points in the conversation.

52% of the Scottish electorate still only represents 5% of the UK wide electorate – so to be dictated to by a Nationalist who finds communism too mainstream will clearly never be allowed to happen. Survation’s view of the nation polls confirms the SNP to be at 5% or consistently 1/3 of the UKIP National vote. Not even RedEd would be daft enough as to fall for the bluff.

Survation_25Jan15_pollUKIP meanwhile shrugged off the usual bigot and racist slurrs to launch the “100 reasons to vote UKIP” campaign. Plenty of gems in the list – and for sure one or two banana skins.

The public’s behind us right now.

But for me lets take just 5 of the 100 stated policies below and build from there…and of course being UKIP policies they have the additional benefit of adding up / being self funding. And actually generating a year on year suplus. Shush. Tories will nick these too of that I am in no doubt. Anyway check them out at

Star Policy number 1 = leave the EU. Annualised savings £10 billion plus

Star Policy number 2 = scrap HS2. Annualised savings at least £10 billion

Star Policy number 3 = no overseas aid other than schemes proven to aid poor people overseas! Annualised saving £9 billion
HS2-U-turn2_osbornStar Policy number 4 = abolish student fees for those studying Science Engineering and Medecine. Estimated annual cost less than £5 billion – the Institute for Fiscal Studies estimated TOTAL cost of all student loans.

Star Policy number 5 = abolish Inheritance Tax. Period. Annual cost estimated at £3 billion. Around twice what RedEd claims his Mansion Tax raises. Although that has been picked to pieces by all credible, mainstream UK political journalists. You will probably be hearing less and less about this.

Hopefully some of the above can be drawn out over the next 3 1/2 months or 100 days. Anyone caring to do so – even wise Sage himself Andrew Neil – will discover that the above will generate a net 10 + 10 + 9 – 5 -3 = + £21 billion.

Thats cash positive annually of £21,000,000,000. In man in pub terms roughly equals the UK’s ENTIRE secondary schools budget for 2015.

Total. All of it.

Clearly the above will need to be hushed up, covered up or ignored by Sir Murdoch’s media as promoting a balanced budget with substance and costed facts could never possibly gain traction, or catch on. Could it?

Have a great week.


Happy New Year

or in David Cameron’s case “your time is up”.

This is Monday – and the LibLabCon are up and running scared.

Some staggeringly outrageous initial salvos being fired this weekend as GE2015 kicks off in a very random way. I’m sure we all admired the use of an EU funded German AutoBahn for the Tories’ first attack with regards to “the Road to Recovery”. Either incompetence or belligerence. Either way clearly not fit to govern.

Tories_2015Election_Poster_TimesUp_theRoadMr Farage should quite simply be able to roast DC on debt and associated debt interest. And likewise his abject failure in getting immigration below 250,000 a year – no ifs, no buts. That new ad is an open goal.
Although personally I prefer the cartoon offered up by the times this week…see left.

Osborn is a bully plain and simple, and Cameron really just a politer version of Boy George. I think that as a party, UKIP is wasting its time and resources stateing the obvious. That we are borrowing more and are increasing relying on working and middle class England to pick up their tab. The facts are these. Inherited DEBT = £800 billion  ; DEBT at May 2015 General Election will most probably be £1.6 trillion. Eg on the Tory Clowns watch it will have been doubled.Osborn_borrowing_to2014

The graph right shows that over 13 years the Blairites had an average of maybe £550bn – or some £7 trillion out there over the period. In 5 years the Tories will have carried between £6 and £7 trillion. An astounding feat – made to look outrageous against the “we have halved the deficit” regurgitated spin.

To explain the difference between debt and deficit  to the vast majority of the voting public is a pointless exercise. They wont understand it. You may as well look to introduce the wave-particle duality of light conundrum for the amount of traction you will get.

Key message thus = our country’s debt has doubled under the LibCon Coalition. FACT.

Unfortunately the UKIP plans to eliminate the deficit inside a single parliament are not believed. Every opinion poll continues to believe UKIP to be anti EU anti Immigration – end of. It is now upto US to ensure that every aspect of the complete UKIP offering is out there in the hands of every voter. No matter how socialist and refusing-to-listen they may be.

Without 10 plus UKIP MPs in parlimnet next May this country will continue to be mis-managed. And badly mis-managed at that. The combined media continue to conspire to play down their chances. A simple conjurring trick, tried and trusted by the Paymasters to the LibLabCon. We simply have to expose those lies.

An even simplere message – vote as you did in the EU lections last May people – and we will fix this problem once and for all. We will break the vested interests of the establishment. We will free working people from over-taxation and outrageously patronising broken promises.

Finally, I draw your attention to the 2014 “average prediction of the UK parliament” poll that came out last week. Vaguely interesting. In so much that it points at wheat I thought was always the most likely result in May – a doomsday scenario for Never-had-a-job-Ed Miliband. Namely an SNP-RedEd coalition. Go to bed with David Cameron and wake yp with the SNP as the trail wagging the socialist dog. Where would an Independent Scotland in 2014 be today with an oil price that has halved? The possibility AS refused to acknowledge could happen!

In passing I have to admire EU funded Peter Kellner and his YouGov cover-organisation for sticking with his “paid for script” of ZERO UKIP MPs at the election.

2015_Average_PredictionsIt is only his refusal to acknowledge the sole anti-EU party in the UK that brings us down to the “expected value of 5 MPs”. In my view 10 is a more likely outcome.

I dont think many people would shy away from “no single party likely to get the magic 326 seats” average position. And conventional wisdom shows us that in the privacy of the ballot box the “give me more tax and I promise to spend more on you” lies of the Two Eds loses 3-5% on election day.

The ultimate and key question will be “how many sore Yes-vote losers will Jim Murphy be able to con in the next 4 months?”  With Alex Salmond back up (again) and running (again) to board the £300,000 including expenses Westminster gravy train, I am hopeful that Iron-Bru Jim will struggle to make much ground at all given the short timescale available. And hopefully the insultingly low estimate of just the retention of Green MP Caroline Lucas in Brighton will also be shown up in 2015. I’d be staggered if Plaid Cymru bring back 3 times the num,ber of MPs that Natalie Bennett does. That will prove once and for all that Wales deserve full independence – and just leave them to their introspective Dylan Thomas misery.

YouGov_predicts_Lab321_Dec22YouGov’s last pretence for 2014 is shown left. Miliband the largest party, the SNP in third with 49 of 59 seats in Scotland?!? Whatever drugs those guys are on I’d love to try a few.

LibDem Liars below 20 seats I can conceive of. But NIL UKIP MPs is just plain daft. For Heaven’s sake Peter – Douglas Carswell polled 60% in Clacton and growing stronger every day. We’ll poll 15% in Scotland.

I fully expect UKIP to do as well as PC in Wales. And 3 MPs for us will be the least we deserve. But Lincolnshire, the EAst and Kent alone will deliver us 10 or more seats.

There’s only one thing to do with nonsense like Kellner’s out there – take the opposite postion. Spread bet Total UKIP MPs – or better still pick out seats numbers 6 through 10, stick yourself down a £1 Super Yankee, and pick up 6 figures next Spring.

Now that will be a Happy New Year. Enjoy.


Herts and Minds

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Friday: our recently appointed Hertfordshire Chairwoman Vesper, spoke at our November branch meeting and asked for contributions TO and feedback ON her now monthly Newsletter of the above title.

vesperIts a logical and well intentioned publication.

Attached to this post are issues one and two. Take a look – cogitate, deliberate and digest – and whilst so doing ask yourself if there is an article, policy idea or local issue that you would like to bring to the attention of the wider Herts membership.

Like most publications – web, written, social media, other – it will only ever be as good as the quality and quantity of contributions from the Welwyn Hatfield membership and supporters more generally.

Ashcroft_08Dec2014Have a good read. And contact the editor via

We go into the New Year with Lord Ashcroft’s last national poll of 2014 showing UKIP at 19% and rising. The conventional political wisdom is of course that UKIP peak every 4 years at the EU elections (true) – and then fall away to roughly half those levels by the next General Election. With activity, membership growth, quality local and PPC candidates this is one trend that we should all be looking to buck in 2015. And we will. Once we get past the 20% tipping point I think we can be confident.

UK-Elect_Forecast_10Dec2014_SEATSMy views on the statistically appalling analyses produced by YouGov are dotted around this website. A set of accademics whose predictions I think are more trustworthy than most can be found at the “UK election forecast” website. These 3 folk were the first to fly-in-the-face of the LibLabCon controlled polling organisations and state that UKIP WOULD win seats at the 2015 General Election. I still think they have some factors not-yet-included in their guess above right, BUT with 3 MPs for UKIP they are massively nearer to the mark than ComRes, YouGov, Survation and the other Murdoch manipulations. Who of course are told to project NIL!!!

UK-Elect_Forecast_10Dec2014But as we all know their bias and hypocracy are UKIP’s secret weapons.

For the record UK Election Forecast  acknowledge Clacton, Thurrock and Boston & Skegness as odds on UKIP wins next May. When they all also lineup Thanet South, Great Yarmouth and Basidlon South & East Thurrock you will know that their forecasting model is cooking on gas.

Have yourselves a very merry Christmas. And see you at the December 16th branch meeting and every month thereafter.

Keep the faith.


Party Games

Sth_Basildon_RogerBirdWednesday: it would seem that the Party Season is now full blown upon us. And who am I not to want to commit myself to the Festive Season 100%. As indeed it would appear has the Conservative Party under-cover Member Mrs Bolter. As well as self-proclaimed Party Activist “Roger Bird”. Political correctness prevents any form of opinion at this point.

I will repeat – political correctness prevents me opining in any way whatsoever.

If anything I am completely in awe of the Tories resourcefulness.

I definitely would not have thought of such an innovative way to avoid talking about policy.
SouthBasildon_MrsBolter2It is of course entirely possible that such behaviour and use of Conservative Party Funds could be rendered illegal. But without Emily from Islington to consult on this tricky matter, we will possibly never know. Maybe Mrs Clooney could step upto the plate to defend this abuse of human rights? But of course she is busy playing TopTrump Marbles. What a gal.

What I would say is, the fact that the UKIP UnderDog-vote in South Basildon & East Thurrock has swollen from under 6% 3 years ago to in excess of 40% at the 2014 council elections last May, is clearly entirely co-incidental. There is absolutely no way that Tory Central Office would ever conceive of a plan to “put on the payroll” sleeper members who are instructed to go off, one a month, every month, between now and the General Election. That could never happen. Because of course that would be to signal defeat.

As I said. that would never happen.

This week’s top Christams Parlour Game will be played out tomorrow night under the chain-smoking independent stewardship of Junior Dimbleby. It’s the clash of the Titans that nobody is talking about – apart of course from Mr Brand’s publicist. And to be fair, it must be quite galling when your Ghost-written revolutionary Call to Arms diatribe is outsold 4 to1 by Mr Oliver;s 16th book of his illustrious career. “Comfort Food” it’s called. Our-Little-Napoleon may be in need of it come Friday Breakfast.

Brand_BingoWatch him read from his script.

And for those of you not fully engaged with the self-proclaimed peoples’ champion, to our left is a Bingo card so that you can play along with Ms Brand tomorrow night. It will be embarassingly predictable. I’m hope that he or she has moved on from Racism and Nazi germany accusations.

The biggotted tome called “Revolution” has not been well received in the Left-leaning press.

If anyone spots a solution or an actual set of progressive tax-and-spend strategies during QuestionTime that are in any way either (a) original or (b) plausible, please please let us know. But betwen you and me, I won’t be holding my breath.

Enjoy what’s left of your week.


Oppose the Local Plan

Friday: as mentioned before, the Green Belt from the 1950s and 1970s onwards has had clearly stated objectives; a major one of which is preventing towns and cities sprawling and merging into each other unchecked. That seems to be failing horribly.

greenbelt4 The Council’s plan?green_belt_map-london

Unfortunately the politicians of the Old Guard – LibLabCon – have chosen to focus on NOT solving the issue of demand for mostly free or affordable houses, by imposing draconian targets and quotas for each county and district council to hit.

As readers of this site and others will know that is 12,500 as an opening bid for Welwyn & Hatfield. And I dont think, that given the coalition’s track record of lies and promise breaking, there is a single tax paying resident in our borough who believes that by 2031 that will be the number of new dwellings constructed.


Published figures show you that W&HDC’s housing waiting list is permanently stuck between 3,000 and 4,000 family units. So with net immigration currently at 243,000 by 2031 that will mean – unchecked – we might imagine a further 4,000,000 to 5,000,000 people will have come to the UK looking for work, housing, schooling, medical care and retirement.

LocalPlan_WHatThey won’t all be coming to Hatfield or Welwyn.

But funnily enough not many economic migrants head for Wales or Somerset or Derbyshire or Cornwall.

It is estimated that adding to the 1.3million Hertfordshire population are aproximately 4% of annual movers. That will be an extra 200,000 into this county within 20 years. This is an estimate.LocalPlan_WWGC And in addition to our natural growth rate.

An alarmingly high estimate I grant you – but compared to Labour’s estimate of 1,200 back in the bad old days, I would suggest this is nearer the truth. It may prove to be an under-estimate. We shall only know come the 2033 census and we wont all be there to see who was right and who was wrong. But our children will be.

The truth is to govern a country you must manage and plan for the future. When dealing with housing you tackle supply AND DEMAND! With minimal ability to control the movement of people – and it is people we are talking about, not labour – you cannot forecast.

You can not predict. LocalPlan_WWGC

You cannot plan.

You will be continually playing catchup and looking to the tax payers to bail the failed politicians out of another hole.

And when you fail to prepare – prepare to fail. It won’t just be a housing crisis we are facing.

Don’t expect an apointment with your GP within a week. Don’t expect a nursery school place, locally for your youngest. Don’t expect affordable university education for your oldest. In fact just work harder , keep less of your income and shovel even more over to the LibLabCon.


You have a vote. Use it wisely.




Green Belt matters

Every councillor currently and supposedly representing you on Welwyn Hatfield council is telling the media and anyone else listening that “we don’t have a choice”. “If we don’t accept the plans for 12,500 more homes – they will be imposed on us by central government”.

What they actually mean is “it’s a load less effort for us if we accept the plans as presented by the council and pretend that democracy has no part to play in this process”. Well they are wrong. And as local pressure groups such as “Panshanger People” will tell you, their history since 1935 is carefully legislated to and in the main works in favour of local people – not against.

Some facts: the Green Belt is a policy for controlling urban growth. It’s purpose “to resist urbanisation and maintain areas where agriculture, forestry and outdoor leisure can be expected to prevail”. 10Herts_districts_GB_size

The Metropolitan Green Belt around London was first proposed in 1935, developed by the Town & Country Planning Act of 1947 and in 1955 the Minister of Housing Duncan Sandy encouraged local authorities to consider protecting land around their towns and cities. The National Planning Policy Framework of March 2012 states 5 purposes of including land within designated Green Belts: check unrestricted urban sprawl prevent neighbouring towns merging into one another (like Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City) assist safeguarding countryside from encroachment preserve character & setting of historic towns and assist in urban regeneration, by encouraging the recycling or derelict and other urban land.

Could that not be any clearer? About 1/8th of England is Green Belt today – or some 1.6 million hectares (roughly 2 1/2 acres = 1 hectare). The South East around 1/3 of that total. And for good reason. Here is where it is needed the most.

Indeed in 1971 the then smaller Green Belt was purposefully extended northwards to include almost all of Hertfordshire. The Metropolitan Green Belt now covers parts of nearly 70 Districts and Boroughs. Our 10 in Hertfordshire are shown in the table above.

Some commentators call on the Green Belts total abolition – and cite it as being a “restrictor of home ownership” as through restricting land supply, prices and thus house prices are kept artificially high. These same commentators almost to a man ommit to mention in the same conversation the 5,000,000 estimated economic migrants who do more to push up prices than Green Belts ever had. 95% of UK house price inflation has occurred since 1973.

Towns&Districts in HertsFor me it is more interesting not to point out the flaws of most Districts_explode_WHGreen Belt opponents but to combine an exit from the EU as an opportunity to CONTROL migration. Control it to manageable levels. Understand what numbers we will allow over the next 10,20 say 30 years and only THEN plan according. Plan infrastructure, plan hospitals, plan sewers, plan roads, plan schools – and of course yes plan housing too.

If a government that we do not support wants 50,000 – 75,000 – 100,000 new homes, then plan towns and cities that deconcentrate population. Encourage economic growth and investment to the 7/8ths of England that is not, for good reason, protected. It is quite obvious to a 5 year old where regeneration needs to be deployed and re-centred. And it is not London. The 5 year old would tell you to look to the South West, look to the Eastern coasts from Essex to Yorkshire. But unfortunately we dont have a 5 year old in charge. We have David Cameron, all be it not for much longer,

UKIP Welwyn Hatfield’s policy – and that of it’s heavily committed PPC Arthur Stevens – is to resist, is to protest. Is to show these “public servants” that there are alternatives. Better alternatives. Alternatives capable of preserving the spirit intent and purpose of the Green Belt – and its various statutory interpretations. Welwyn Hatfield’s suggestions, their recommendations are of course eminently feasible. But they have approached the problem the wrong way around. The appendix E (set of 16 site maps) is deceptively simple. But look at those plans in detail. And ask yourself is that what we really want, how we consent to this problem of EU manufacture be solved.

What is our preference? Our policy alternative?

Brown field site wherever possible. And we have plenty of those around the constituency. The Shredded Wheat building and surrounding land to name one such space, to the east of Welwyn Garden City station. Leave Panshanger alone and stick the “necessary” 700 homes here. Sure – this will involve telling Tesco and other part owners – that they will never be allowed to build another SuperStore there. And they would be better advised to develop for the interests of the community or better still sell up and move on.

And the sooner the better. More proposals to come.


Panshanger aerodrome, GreenField sites and 12,500 new homes?


Recently the government has revised its enforced target for Hertfordshire and new homes “that must be built” to more than double previous worst case estimates. UKIP policy is one of Green Belt respect, the acknowledgement that the need for local people is real, but that at the very least Brown Field sites should be utilised wherever possible and that by way of priority, such homes – preferably affordable homes at that – should first be offered to local people with established family and community ties to our county. UKIPs policies on housing are the only “joined up” thinking out there in 2014 – and insist that both supply AND demand are tackled simultaneously. Publicly available local authority housing statistics that clearly show to whom properties are being allocated – and on what basis – would be a transparent start?