3,000,000 lies

The most often mis-represented fake statistic is that of Nick Clegg and other wannabe EU commissioners and Europhiles is that Brexit would lead to 3,000,000 job losses in the UK.

UNTRUE obviously. This comes from a mis-reported article in the Independent bank in September 2000!!! and has been fake reported ever since.

The truth is that 3,000,000 jobs are associated with businesses that sometimes or partly trade with the other 27 EU member states.

here’s 3 FACTS to counter any arguments to this effect you come across.

Fact One


the Equivalent lie is that 6,000,000 jobs inside the 27 EU member states relate to trade with the UK. This does NOT of course mean that when we Brexit, 6million EU citizens lose their jobs.

Fact Two

see cover photo. The department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) advises us that there are 5,400,000 Private businesses in the UK – and that 99.9% are small or medium sized (under 50 and under 250 employees respectively). The CBI, IOD and other equally flawed trade organisations state year on year that the majority of their members every single year object and cite as the biggest single business inhibitor irrelevant and unnecessary regulations and directives coming from the EU. And whilst 99% of UK businesses do not sell any good or service into the EU. It is the 7,000 (of 5.4 million you will recall) who are deemed large. More than 250 employees. And who bully the agenda for the REAL wealth creators of UK plc.

EU red tape image

Just suppose every private business in the UK – unshackled by unnecessary regulatory clutter the other side of Brexit – employed just ONE more person? Even I can do the math. 5,400,000 new jobs! Real jobs.

Fact Three.

the UK has/is/owns 70% of Europe’s fishing waters yet since the EU designated fishing stocks a “shared resource” the British fishing industry has been allowed to land just 17% of randomly allocated tonnage quotas. Since the 1930s employment in fishing in the UK has fallen by 80% (40,000 plus REAL jobs; source Daily Telegraph and ONS 2015 UK employment stats)

UK fishing image

Will someone please – one day soon – tot up in a simple for Sun readers to understand table – the number of jobs the EU has ACTUALLY destroyed or taken away – not MIGHT be at threat – but HAVE been destroyed. Steel, agriculture, fishing, ship-building, retailing, oil production, energy generation etc etc etc

If I was a gambling man I would wager HEAVILY that that number is already over 3,000,000 and by a very large margin.

have a nice day.


Truth Will Out – Out is winning

Momentum is vitally important in any referendum campaign. Only Gordon Brown’s lies saved the Scots from themselves last year. They would be bankrupt had Mrs Sturgeon had her dangerous ways (although in many ways it would have been funny to see their first bid in 200 years fail after 20 weeks)


To close here are some more lies and manipulative statements from Harold Wilson’s 1975 pamphlet used to mind-f@@ck the voting population THEN into staying with the corrupt Euro project. Actual words distributed, in writing, to every household in the UK >>>

“Inside the Market we can work to get more European Community money spent inside Britain:

More from the Social Fund for retraining workers in new jobs. Since we joined we have benefited from this Fund to the tune of over £20 million a year.

More from the Community’s new Regional Fund, which already stands to bring us £60 million in the next three years.

More from the Farm Fund when world prices are high. For instance, up to now we have obtained £40 million from this Fund to bring down the price of sugar in the shops.

More from the Coal & Steel funds and the European Investment Bank. Since we joined, arrangements have already been make for loans and grants of over £250 million.
The long period of negotiation between Britain and the other Market countries has proved that the Market is not a rigid organisation.

It is flexible. It is ready and able to adapt to changing world conditions.

It can, and does, respond to the differing needs of member states”

And with that I will leave you to cogitate, deliberate and digest. There is only one logical choice on June 23rd. And its clearly to leave the EU super-state project for the rest of Europe. Get out whilst we still can.

You will not be asked again.





EU isn’t Working

by Chairman Sanjay:

We have seen many scenes of disturbing nature in the context of Syria and Iraqi national on migration to Europe. But suddenly the home media has now got bored with it and moved on to other things.

Maybe they want us to believe things are not so bad anymore.DeadBaby

Regrettably NOT, scenes like these are very common today and everyday around Europe.


“I believe that the EU is better with Britain in it and that Britain is better within the EU” says JC Juncker, former premier of Luxembourg whose appointment as president of the European Commission Prime Minister Cameron tried to block last year.

He carries on, and in citing the slow economy and the Greek debt crisis, Islamist attacks in Europe, migration and insecurity in nearby regions, he claims: “It is on these big issues, that I believe European nations need to work together to look for common solutions.”

We BEG  “When O When???” can we see a glimmer of any solution, be it common or not.

Why do they want us in so badly. Who has more to gain Europe, Europeans, The bureaucrats, or is it the UK. Could it possibly be the €15,000,000,000 scheduled to be taken from us this year? Europe gains?> Europeans, bureaucrats? US?

Well folks from this list it is most definitely not the UK.

Remember this Quote UKIP used at the time of the General Election earlier this year ??

“At first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Jean Claude Juncker1Gandhi

It was Gandhi who said that. He has a somewhat better track record of doing what he preaches, than the tax avoiding, expense abusing, claret guzzling fat cat in the trough JCJ.

They no longer ignore us. They no longer laugh at us

NOW they fight us. And of course we WON the European Election in 2014. We must now win The Referendum – when it comes – the biggest single decision this country will make in the next 50 years.

Home Secretary Theresa May has told her party’s conference recently, that “…high levels of immigration make it impossible to have a “cohesive society”. Spot on

But just remind me again – on whose watch has mass immigration hit record highs? As U-turns go your’s has to be the most spectacular this year.

But of course SHE is not racist.  A few months earlier UKIP WERE labeled racist by the very same people for saying the same thing thing. But of course when you have won the argument, the opposition only have insults remaining in their armoury.

For now at least UKIP is the ONLY Party of any credibility, always 3 steps ahead on all major issues, determining the direction of travel for national political debate constantly. The other parties all tread our paths eventually, but always much later. They act like frozen rabbits in proverbial headlights, unable to move, do anything of substance, until they sense that political will and opinion has moved sufficiently to make any change of heart risk free.

We need leaders – not sheep. We want our national democracy back again.

I’ll ask again – what exactly is the purpose of the EU?


When it comes to practical, immediate aid and solutions for the Middle East and North Africa migrant crisis – have they actually done anything? Mrs Merkel, deeply in need of cheap labour as her population reduces has cynically thrown open the metaphoric gates of Germany. And smugly lines up to be nominated for Nobel Peace prizes as thousands are dying on dinghies, trucks and trains as they pursue a Shangri-La that doesn’t exist.

She and the rest of them have a lot to answer for.

Keep the faith.


5 Cries called NO

In MoneyWeek this week – the editor stated that “as far as I’m concerned, as a beacon of capitalism at the Edge of Europe, Britain has nothing to fear from Brexit”.

The well regarded magazine went onto to say that even  if you IGNORE the equally relevant debates on Justice, Migration, labour directives, climate change and defence – the Economy is STILL an area where Out or No campaigners still have most of the trump cards.

Stuart Rose and his “bought off” cronies are plain wrong.

And MoneyWeek list 5 key ideas and thoughts.

IDEA 1 – the EU has never helped to protect key strategic UK businesses & industries

The steel industry this month, this year brings this starkly into focus. The key in cyclical industries is to hold your nerve, your breath, during downturns. Horribly, the EU rules ban government aid for business. And as we know – once you close down an industry like steel, it is nigh on impossible to re-establish it.

IDEA 2 – the EU’s importance continues to decline

When the UK joined in the 1970s, the EU even with its membership of 9, accounted for 37% of global GDP. Today, with 28 members, it is 20% and falling. Ignore China, Russia, India, Brazil, African, Canada, the US all you want. They are not going away.

IDEA 3 – the EU’s conflicting goals – are holding US back

With 28 teams on the political football pitch at any one time, conflicting agendas and priorities cause vacillation and delay. Trade talks with the US, Japan, India and the UAE have practically ground to a halt. We could – set free – establish agreements in next to no time. South America India China and Japan in particular. Setting import and export tariffs is and would be HUGELY important to Britain’s economic interests.

Leave it to a bunch of incompetent EU officials – and guess what happens. Nothing.

IDEA 4 – Britain would and COULD become a Trade Magnet

Even outside the EU, Britain would actually become a stepping stone for WorldWide trade into the EU. Given that we import MORE from the EU than we export TO the EU, its in the EU’s interests to forge a pretty decent trade agreement. Being outside of the EU will NOT be detrimental to trading with it.

IDEA 5 – some Ideas are just plain BAD. Perhaps even Mad.

Everyone agrees with the first principle of economics – that trade is GOOD. Most with obvious Corbyn-ista exceptions would also agree with the second principle – that Central Planning is equally BAD. Most rationale people will see on close inspection that the EU has gone from trade enhancer, to trade obstacle. Ask the redundant steel workers of Redcar where they stand on the EU?

There is not one example of a planned socialist state working. And if you are shouting China – I can refer you to a list of 100 reasons why China is not socialist. From executions to autocratic leadership.

Why has Australia never found the need to be part of a wider “trading bloc”? Ditto South Korea? Ditto Japan?

Beware – the “in” campaign have already started to spread lies, damn lies and statistics about the economic cost of a Brexit.

Keep it simple.

the UK as a beacon of capitalism at the edge of Europe has nothing to fear from Brexit.

Spread the word.

Asylum_claims_2015_soFar_22 Sept 2015

Do good – feeling good helps noone

Whilst the North London media mafia continues to feel good about itself for chastising David Cameron for not acceding to the Blair-ite demands of Open Borders, Angela Merkel continues to make mistake after mistake – and only last night a petition of 70,000 was handed into the German Parliament calling for Mrs Merkel to be impeached.

Merkel_balancingWhen you get a chance, check out the German newspapers. Most are very unimpressed.

She is clearly between a rock and a hard place.

But you know what? It serves her right.


the British Media at least has started to get real and reflect public opinion as a whole. Whilst the tragedy of the deaths in the Mediterranean is without question, recently released EU own statistics show that only 2% of the migrants travelling and arriving on Europe’s shores are actually Syrian refugee children. 80% as reported by the BBC are young male economic migrants from countries other than Syria.


The Express is clearly known for its controlled borders, pro UKIP stance – but today’s Sun from the previously EU loving Murdoch stable represents something of a sea change.

Whilst Back Bencher Mrs Balls-Cooper clearly feels better for her feigned angst and concern, she hasn’t actually helped a single man, woman or child genuinely fleeing Syria in fear of their lives. A growing number of MPs – some Tory, a few new Labour – are starting to ask awkward questions about for whom the fake distress and concerned faces are actually intended.

UKIP’s policy remains the only credible one – although Call-Me-Dave “Piggy” Cameron has clearly continued his election policy of whole scale adoption of UKIP’s right-over-wrong policy handbook.

We applaud his U-turn ; but call on the UKIP Leadership to demonstrate once again that it is the UK Independence Party that continues to lead and win the political arguments in Britain today.

Have a good week.