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Do good – feeling good helps noone

Whilst the North London media mafia continues to feel good about itself for chastising David Cameron for not acceding to the Blair-ite demands of Open Borders, Angela Merkel continues to make mistake after mistake – and only last night a petition of 70,000 was handed into the German Parliament calling for Mrs Merkel to be impeached.

Merkel_balancingWhen you get a chance, check out the German newspapers. Most are very unimpressed.

She is clearly between a rock and a hard place.

But you know what? It serves her right.


the British Media at least has started to get real and reflect public opinion as a whole. Whilst the tragedy of the deaths in the Mediterranean is without question, recently released EU own statistics show that only 2% of the migrants travelling and arriving on Europe’s shores are actually Syrian refugee children. 80% as reported by the BBC are young male economic migrants from countries other than Syria.


The Express is clearly known for its controlled borders, pro UKIP stance – but today’s Sun from the previously EU loving Murdoch stable represents something of a sea change.

Whilst Back Bencher Mrs Balls-Cooper clearly feels better for her feigned angst and concern, she hasn’t actually helped a single man, woman or child genuinely fleeing Syria in fear of their lives. A growing number of MPs – some Tory, a few new Labour – are starting to ask awkward questions about for whom the fake distress and concerned faces are actually intended.

UKIP’s policy remains the only credible one – although Call-Me-Dave “Piggy” Cameron has clearly continued his election policy of whole scale adoption of UKIP’s right-over-wrong policy handbook.

We applaud his U-turn ; but call on the UKIP Leadership to demonstrate once again that it is the UK Independence Party that continues to lead and win the political arguments in Britain today.

Have a good week.

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