EU isn’t Working

by Chairman Sanjay:

We have seen many scenes of disturbing nature in the context of Syria and Iraqi national on migration to Europe. But suddenly the home media has now got bored with it and moved on to other things.

Maybe they want us to believe things are not so bad anymore.DeadBaby

Regrettably NOT, scenes like these are very common today and everyday around Europe.


“I believe that the EU is better with Britain in it and that Britain is better within the EU” says JC Juncker, former premier of Luxembourg whose appointment as president of the European Commission Prime Minister Cameron tried to block last year.

He carries on, and in citing the slow economy and the Greek debt crisis, Islamist attacks in Europe, migration and insecurity in nearby regions, he claims: “It is on these big issues, that I believe European nations need to work together to look for common solutions.”

We BEG  “When O When???” can we see a glimmer of any solution, be it common or not.

Why do they want us in so badly. Who has more to gain Europe, Europeans, The bureaucrats, or is it the UK. Could it possibly be the €15,000,000,000 scheduled to be taken from us this year? Europe gains?> Europeans, bureaucrats? US?

Well folks from this list it is most definitely not the UK.

Remember this Quote UKIP used at the time of the General Election earlier this year ??

“At first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Jean Claude Juncker1Gandhi

It was Gandhi who said that. He has a somewhat better track record of doing what he preaches, than the tax avoiding, expense abusing, claret guzzling fat cat in the trough JCJ.

They no longer ignore us. They no longer laugh at us

NOW they fight us. And of course we WON the European Election in 2014. We must now win The Referendum – when it comes – the biggest single decision this country will make in the next 50 years.

Home Secretary Theresa May has told her party’s conference recently, that “…high levels of immigration make it impossible to have a “cohesive society”. Spot on

But just remind me again – on whose watch has mass immigration hit record highs? As U-turns go your’s has to be the most spectacular this year.

But of course SHE is not racist.  A few months earlier UKIP WERE labeled racist by the very same people for saying the same thing thing. But of course when you have won the argument, the opposition only have insults remaining in their armoury.

For now at least UKIP is the ONLY Party of any credibility, always 3 steps ahead on all major issues, determining the direction of travel for national political debate constantly. The other parties all tread our paths eventually, but always much later. They act like frozen rabbits in proverbial headlights, unable to move, do anything of substance, until they sense that political will and opinion has moved sufficiently to make any change of heart risk free.

We need leaders – not sheep. We want our national democracy back again.

I’ll ask again – what exactly is the purpose of the EU?


When it comes to practical, immediate aid and solutions for the Middle East and North Africa migrant crisis – have they actually done anything? Mrs Merkel, deeply in need of cheap labour as her population reduces has cynically thrown open the metaphoric gates of Germany. And smugly lines up to be nominated for Nobel Peace prizes as thousands are dying on dinghies, trucks and trains as they pursue a Shangri-La that doesn’t exist.

She and the rest of them have a lot to answer for.

Keep the faith.

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