Greatest Lies no.1

3,000,000 British jobs will be lost in the UK leaves the EU

Possibly the greatest lie ever told by Europhiles SO FAR!

The very very basic facts. The trade deficit between the UK and the other 27 EU member staes was £109.2 billion in 2014. that’s Imports FROM the EU are £109,200,000,000 more than exports TO the EU. It seems at first sight to be unlikely that the EU would seek to disrupt a trading arrangement that is so much more beneficial to itself than it is to us.

The source of the Greatest Lie ever Told?

Look no further than the Independent Newspaper – 18th February 2000 to be precise – that DELIBERATELY misquoted the results of a study by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research. It was so misleading that the actual Director of the NIESR at the time called it “pure Goebbels propaganda” and that “…in my many years of academic research I cannot recall such a wilful distortion of the facts”.

That’s from the Director of the Institute whose research the Independent Newspaper misquoted!

The actual facts and figures of that study?

For the record, the actual facts of THAT study stated quite clearly and dispassionately that:

3.4 million jobs in the UK are associated with trade with the EU. Not membership of it.

the EU26 (at the time not 27) trade THEN into us was 12% higher than ours with them

it follows thus that nearly 4,000,000 EU jobs depend on exports TO the UK

we have a heavy trade deficit with the EU – but with the REST of the world a healthy surplus

our most successful trade is with the USA, then Australia and then Switzerland

our trade with the then EU26 now EU 27 is falling year-on-year (last ONS report -13%)

our trade with the Rest of the World is rising year-on-year (same ONS pink book +12%)

whilst the UK’s working population rises every year – many of Europe’s are falling for example Germany (-25%), Italy (-20%) and Spain (-14%). These stats from the UN World Population Prospects annual report.


Is it any wonder then that Nick Clegg, having LOST his 2 debates on the matter of Europe with Nigel Farage, saw his party decimated at the General Election poll the following year? The British People understand good old fashioned facts and figures, straight talking. Saint Nick repeatedly lied in the debates. He lost 85% of his MPs in the House of Commons as a result.

Leaving the EU will improve and grow the British economy faster. Let us focus on that!.

Have a great week.

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