Happy New Year

or in David Cameron’s case “your time is up”.

This is Monday – and the LibLabCon are up and running scared.

Some staggeringly outrageous initial salvos being fired this weekend as GE2015 kicks off in a very random way. I’m sure we all admired the use of an EU funded German AutoBahn for the Tories’ first attack with regards to “the Road to Recovery”. Either incompetence or belligerence. Either way clearly not fit to govern.

Tories_2015Election_Poster_TimesUp_theRoadMr Farage should quite simply be able to roast DC on debt and associated debt interest. And likewise his abject failure in getting immigration below 250,000 a year – no ifs, no buts. That new ad is an open goal.
Although personally I prefer the cartoon offered up by the times this week…see left.

Osborn is a bully plain and simple, and Cameron really just a politer version of Boy George. I think that as a party, UKIP is wasting its time and resources stateing the obvious. That we are borrowing more and are increasing relying on working and middle class England to pick up their tab. The facts are these. Inherited DEBT = £800 billion  ; DEBT at May 2015 General Election will most probably be £1.6 trillion. Eg on the Tory Clowns watch it will have been doubled.Osborn_borrowing_to2014

The graph right shows that over 13 years the Blairites had an average of maybe £550bn – or some £7 trillion out there over the period. In 5 years the Tories will have carried between £6 and £7 trillion. An astounding feat – made to look outrageous against the “we have halved the deficit” regurgitated spin.

To explain the difference between debt and deficit  to the vast majority of the voting public is a pointless exercise. They wont understand it. You may as well look to introduce the wave-particle duality of light conundrum for the amount of traction you will get.

Key message thus = our country’s debt has doubled under the LibCon Coalition. FACT.

Unfortunately the UKIP plans to eliminate the deficit inside a single parliament are not believed. Every opinion poll continues to believe UKIP to be anti EU anti Immigration – end of. It is now upto US to ensure that every aspect of the complete UKIP offering is out there in the hands of every voter. No matter how socialist and refusing-to-listen they may be.

Without 10 plus UKIP MPs in parlimnet next May this country will continue to be mis-managed. And badly mis-managed at that. The combined media continue to conspire to play down their chances. A simple conjurring trick, tried and trusted by the Paymasters to the LibLabCon. We simply have to expose those lies.

An even simplere message – vote as you did in the EU lections last May people – and we will fix this problem once and for all. We will break the vested interests of the establishment. We will free working people from over-taxation and outrageously patronising broken promises.

Finally, I draw your attention to the 2014 “average prediction of the UK parliament” poll that came out last week. Vaguely interesting. In so much that it points at wheat I thought was always the most likely result in May – a doomsday scenario for Never-had-a-job-Ed Miliband. Namely an SNP-RedEd coalition. Go to bed with David Cameron and wake yp with the SNP as the trail wagging the socialist dog. Where would an Independent Scotland in 2014 be today with an oil price that has halved? The possibility AS refused to acknowledge could happen!

In passing I have to admire EU funded Peter Kellner and his YouGov cover-organisation for sticking with his “paid for script” of ZERO UKIP MPs at the election.

2015_Average_PredictionsIt is only his refusal to acknowledge the sole anti-EU party in the UK that brings us down to the “expected value of 5 MPs”. In my view 10 is a more likely outcome.

I dont think many people would shy away from “no single party likely to get the magic 326 seats” average position. And conventional wisdom shows us that in the privacy of the ballot box the “give me more tax and I promise to spend more on you” lies of the Two Eds loses 3-5% on election day.

The ultimate and key question will be “how many sore Yes-vote losers will Jim Murphy be able to con in the next 4 months?”  With Alex Salmond back up (again) and running (again) to board the £300,000 including expenses Westminster gravy train, I am hopeful that Iron-Bru Jim will struggle to make much ground at all given the short timescale available. And hopefully the insultingly low estimate of just the retention of Green MP Caroline Lucas in Brighton will also be shown up in 2015. I’d be staggered if Plaid Cymru bring back 3 times the num,ber of MPs that Natalie Bennett does. That will prove once and for all that Wales deserve full independence – and just leave them to their introspective Dylan Thomas misery.

YouGov_predicts_Lab321_Dec22YouGov’s last pretence for 2014 is shown left. Miliband the largest party, the SNP in third with 49 of 59 seats in Scotland?!? Whatever drugs those guys are on I’d love to try a few.

LibDem Liars below 20 seats I can conceive of. But NIL UKIP MPs is just plain daft. For Heaven’s sake Peter – Douglas Carswell polled 60% in Clacton and growing stronger every day. We’ll poll 15% in Scotland.

I fully expect UKIP to do as well as PC in Wales. And 3 MPs for us will be the least we deserve. But Lincolnshire, the EAst and Kent alone will deliver us 10 or more seats.

There’s only one thing to do with nonsense like Kellner’s out there – take the opposite postion. Spread bet Total UKIP MPs – or better still pick out seats numbers 6 through 10, stick yourself down a £1 Super Yankee, and pick up 6 figures next Spring.

Now that will be a Happy New Year. Enjoy.

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