Just Suppose

Tuesday: Just suppose that they have all got this totally wrong. That this vanity project no doubt conceived with the best of intentions – prevent war, avoid starvation, tackling crime – has simply run off the rails.

Greek_debt_2Just suppose the Greeks continue to demand bailouts and that the German people one day have had enough?

That they recognise that the EU for all its promises has now become the very cause of the problems it once pupported to prevent.

Junker balloonSuppose voters see Mr Juncker for what he is?

Just suppose that 28 countries inabilities to manage their own and co-joined affairs to the betterment of all and not the pivileged elite has been spotted by the many millions of voters across the EU?

Just suppose that everyone who voted for UKIP last May were to do the same this time? Forget about the arguments about this coalition or that coalition or SNP controlling Red Ed or Saint Nick clinging onto his political trappings by his finger nails.

DC_£53millionJust suppose that Labour voters abandon the Islington Socialist and fail to support Red Ed in Doncaster North?

Just suppose the students of Sheffield Hallam truly do not forgive and forget Mr Cleggs abandoned promises over £9,000 per annum tuition fees.

Just suppose we all wake up. Realise UKIP is better for students. Better for retired folk. Better for ex Service Men and Women. Better for every class across the nation?

Just suppose that we repeat the 30% poll return of the Euros this time round at a General election? Wouldnt you like to be part of a political earthquake?

Just do it People!

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