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and all of us – supporters, members and empathisers with UKIP – need to get with the programme and understand what Chairman Sanjay recently wrote and submitted to the NEC for their consideration. Set out below is a précis of his concerns:

GE2015: like all of us, the fact that 13% of the public vote (or 1 in 8 votes cast) delivered just 1 in 650 MPs sitting is of course an eye opener. It is shocking. It is clearly wrong. HOWEVER our task remains, to be the alternative voice to the LibLabCon. We see Leicester Liz from Watford proclaiming an “Australian points based system for immigration” and Boy George proclaiming the futility of a system that taxes the low paid, only to give some of it back via an arbitrarily complicated working tax credits system.

We are flattered – both Labour and Conservative parties are NICKING our policies.

Sanjay argues therefore that our mission over the next 18 months should be bipolar – lead drive and support every which way the “No thanks to the Corrupt EU” campaign – but at the same time promote, extol and grow the relevance of UKIP, the Party. Hidden behind the fear of the SNP and the incredulity surrounding Red Ed Miliband – it was clear that UKIPs appeal had already been widened. But that needed to be widened still further.

The single best way to do that would be for UKIP – underwritten by our 3,881,129 votes – to announce nay proclaim the “real shadow cabinet”. Nominated spokesmen and women in all major areas of policy, leading, defining shaping – ultimately showing the other 2 up for what they are. Over-privileged thickos and Under-brained Guardianistas.

This does NOT weaken Saint Nigel Farage – simply re-inforces his leadership, feeds new original thinking, retains the massively important “in touch” mantra of his and  UKIP’s many supporters.

We have never heard a more impressive speaker on immigration than Steven Woolfe; no truer Libertarian than Douglas Carswell. No finer grasper f economics that Mr O’Flynn, no more able deputy scrutinised by the media than Suzanne Evans. Diane James is immaculate on justice, Paul Nuttall the best soundbite generator since Mandie and Kinnock gave birth to Alastair Darling. We ARE in the thick of it, but we need to embrace that fact  and deliver meaningful media diagnoses now. Every day.

Sanjay suggests a number of policy areas we can IMPROVE upon – take leadership IN

Taxation; revenue based transaction taxes on eBay, Amazon and Starbucks. We know you make a profit you highwaymen. So stand and deliver your taxes to the people who buy from you. Eliminate property tax exemptions awarded to the landlords of charities; these ultimately penalise fledgling new businesses and pass taxpayer funds to subsidised landlord regimes.

Universities: it is established fact today that 52% and rising of student debts will NEVER be recovered. At some point SOME government will recognise this and write off £££ billions. Be progressive, encourage thoughtful parenting. Allow couples the choice of either TAKING child benefit now or RECEIVING free university and higher education later. Use the foreign aid budget to encourage UK universities to establish campuses overseas. Generate more income, raise the quality of students.

NHS, the busted flush: all parties at the last election promised to fund this monolithic institution at whatever levels Sir Simon Stevens says (sounds like a party game to me). Current levels plus £3billion. Plus £6billion. Plus 12. There was no limit on the politicians disingenuous promises.

But we all know that the care of the elderly needs to be carved out with more imagination. Allow the elderly to temporarily give up their homes in exchange of quality care. We will all prefer to pass peacefully away at home, not at hospital. Give us all therefore the choice. remove generic drugs from prescription – there is no point in collecting £8 from folk for drugs that cost £1 but whose entire system takes £15 to administer. That’s just common sense. Prohibit pharmaceutical companies promoting through cash incentives to GPs, their latest drugs at overly expensive prices.

Somebody at least needs to tackle head-on the mass manufacturers of sugar and other chemical enriched foods. If nicotine can be taxed, so too should unhealthy supermarket best-sellers be.

 Housing: stop selling off council and housing association stocks, instead expand help to buy schemes across the country. The states role is to own 20%, 40% if need be 80% of everybody’s first home. Then provide mechanisms and ways for those responsible for the bills and upkeep (the owners) to buy back the stakes they don’t own – at a pace that is right and affordable for them. The investment by the state, by the government, our government, us – will always at some stage generate a return. Most importantly, whatever this return is – and whenever it starts to crystalise – it all returns to refinance this virtuous circle at the earliest opportunity. End generate Rent.

Prisons: connect up all penal facilities to industry, business, agriculture, innovation. You have screwed up some way along the line, your path to redemption lies in renewed self worth, added skills, income you can generate and either save or forward on to the social cluster you left behind. If you come from beyond our borders, you will be sent back where you came from. We trailed you in – we WILL know where you came from, and you WILL be sent back there. War-torn Calais or Baltic State.

Retirement: skilled elders can be encouraged to act as mentors, trainers, lead in the voluntary sector. Whilst steering the young, they remain active, healthy wise and above all else respected.

the Unemployed: should commit to a minimum weekly hour count in the voluntary sector

Just some ideas. Some key policy thoughts. Some good, maybe some impractical. For now. But…

…there are further debates to be had; over the role of the state, the insistence that the individual does AT LEAST take responsibility for their housing, their income, their families and their education. But we are facing an eminently electable Marxist Labour MP in JC – housing for all, cheaper transport, reduced utility bills, no war, no hunger – no money wasted on arms manufacturers.

The fact that all of the above will take a 70% minimum “median” rate of tax is neither here nor there. For the time being. We are UKIP. We know as does JC what we stand for. And we are here to stay.


Dear NEC – please establish a policy forum and associated infrastructure so that for every policy Labour and Tories STEAL, we have another 3 coming up behind them , and to show them, where the true free thinking Libertarianism is in our country.

Have a nice day.



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