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Lies, Damn Lies and…

EU funded Pollsters – or so goes the slightly adjusted Mark Twain saying.

And as EU funded lying Pollsters go the current owner of YouGov has to be right up there. Not only is the mathematical basis for his “model” unsound – but his organisation also allows the bias of those paying his wages to further get in the way of accurately portraying what Polls around the UK are ACTUALLY saying.
Which is a shame.

Although clearly YouGov will be the ones left with maximum egg on collective faces.

One of his most laughable predictions has to be the %age probability he currently ascribes to his pet hate seat of Clacton.

Clacton_50-50_Ukip-Tory_12March2015He has now been FORCED to conced that maybe, just maybe, UKIP will win a seat on May 7th! What an imbecile.

Ladbrokes are currently offering 10 to 1 on for Douglas Carswell to triumph. Again. Europile Pete has the %ages at even money and with Douglas to collect 37% of the vote only (compared to 60% last time out). I truly think this shows how biased, unscientific and untrustworthy anything emanating from the YouGov stable is.

YouGov_Poll-of-polls 2010-Jan2015The trends of the British electorate are clear for any GCSE maths student. But not so it seems for BBC and EU funded YouGov.

I promise this will be my last rant at this loathsome organisation posing as independent and objective. He is gradually starting to fall away from his Labour overall majority dream. I have been tracking his “calculations” – which are an insult to the word calculus that he straps to his website in vain attempt to legitimise its bias – for some time.

Labour_trend_Oct14-Mar15He forgets his guesses are in the public domain. Only the BBC believe him.

Labour seat forecast is only trending one way as most normal people know.

Daniel Alexander (Labour’s Mr 35%) is worried. Peter now Lord Mandelson declared last week that Labour cant win. Even the SNP are making disdainful noises in the general direction of Islingtonia. They now that they do not need Labour to force their agenda upon the UK parliament. Again. Both Labour and Conservative will win under 300 seats. UKIP will win between 5 and 10. The Greens will triple their score. The LibDems will halve their 56 MPs. The SNP will be the 3rd largets party but with under 45 seats.

Dont forget. You heard it here first.

And all without the need to dress MY guesses up with bogus science and unsound mathematics. Vote UKIP.

And it just might be our year.

Bon Weekend.


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