Lies, damn lies & the EU

From today until the now infamous Cameron Referendum on EU membership, this blog will devote itself to picking apart the lies, media spin (mostly BBC, Independent and Guardian) surrounding the Europhiles’ case.

Unlike the BBC, the Independent, YouGov, the Conservative Party, the LibDems, the Guardian, Richard Branson et al we shall concentrate on facts. And facts that are independently verifiable.

We shall start with the biggest lie to come out of Fleet Street since the Hitler Diaries; the claim made, which Nick Clegg took to his heart during the debates that he lost in 2014 to Nigel Farage – that the UK’s exit (tabloidly referred to now as the Brexit) would cost 3,000,000 British jobs.

I shall apologise right here and now – that much of tomorrow’s blog will be repeated over the next 6, 12, 18 months – or however long David Cameron keeps us waiting.

But THIS LIE is the most dishonest of recent times perpetuated by the land of vested interests and corporate cronyism.

We shall pick it to pieces bit by bit. Untruth by untruth. Economic mislead by economic mislead.

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