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Tuesday evening: And the Pollsters have admitted they are all Snake Oil Salesmen.

A poll in the weekend’s Sunday Times gave Labour a 4%age point advantage – and then yesterday’s two from Lord Ashcroft and ComRes saw a 4% lead to the Tories. Mathematicians out there will know that these 2 results are mutually impossible,

ComRes_Mail_Graphic30March2015given their stated margin for error of +/- 2%. Unless of course they are prepared on NON STATISTICAL bases?!

So its official – YouGov and friends have resorted to making it up. Dusting off my O Level maths books it becomes apparent that any poll with under 7,000 randomly selected voters has no statistically sound base! But clearly  that won’t stop Peter Kellner remaining in love with his own voice – “we will bringing out daily polls” he schmoozed on the Sunday Politics.

Dear oh dear oh dear. Dear UKIP High Command. Explain to the UK what needs doing!

UKIP have the only fully costed Manifesto. All UKIP’s commitments come in at less than £20billion annually. And as readers will know we pay for that in YEAR ONE with:

  • Stop_HS2_before_out-of-controlLeaving the EU and saving over £11 billion in net membership fees
  • Abandoning the greatest single white elephant out there – HS2. At least £3 billion per year for the next 20 (TWENTY) years not wasted
  • Reducing the Foreign Aid budget so that only truly humanitarian causes remain. At least £8 billion annual saving here to be had each and every year.

And of course ALL of the above is without relying upon £1 of efficiency savings across Government Bureaucracy (LibLabCon are planning for at least £5 billion here)

Costed_plans_to_fix_2015or being able to tax the professional internet corporate tax evaders (again the LibLabCon banks on at least £5 billion here too).

No wonder the LibLabCon are laughing all the way to the ballot box. Doubled the deficit. Noone seems to care. Tripled Net Immigration – not once held to account.

Being evasive and secretive about any of their pretend deficit elimination plans. Not even Andrew Neil, Paxman or Andrew Marr see particularly bothered about holding these conmen and women to account. But then again if you were paid £1,000,000 a year by the licence funded BBC would you care?

Realistically UKIP can readily show how we can…

SAVE £40,000,000,000 at least every single year over the next 5 years

The rest are conning you. Don’t be fooled. Don’t regret your choice on May 7th.

Vote UKIP on May 7th.
And sleep easy on May 8th knowing that it was not your fault.

Real people. Real Change. Real Choices. Real UKIP.


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