Reasons to be Cheerful, Part One

Wednesday: and rumours of RedEd Miliband’s early demise do in fact appear confirmed. With 100 days to go – the 5 polls so far this week are predicting 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 the Tory party to be ahead. It would appear that in true Monty Python style, the Labour Party “….will be dreaming of a 35% poll rating”.

Natalie Bennett’s suicide bid attempt live on daytime Sunday TV was also a sight to behold. When Andrew Neil summarised the Green Party’s overall defence policy as being to “swap windmills for armaments” and she didnt blink – you knew she was mentally and emotionally gone.

Greens_NatBennett_hippyWhioch is a shame. Caroline Lucas would never have succumbed. Would seem that their “high water mark” of 11% may start to ebb from here.

Not so the “Alec Samond in Drag” Nicola Sturgeon. She sat up, sober and well rehearsed to tell the less-than-demanding Andrew Marr as to why it was appropriate for a Party that had recently lost an Independence Referendum in Scotland, to be turning up in numbers to vote on student loans, firemens’ terms and conditions and England taxation matters at Westminster.

SNP_new_era_2015Talk about a bad loser!

The now more-or-less morribund Marr failed to challenge at even the most obvious points in the conversation.

52% of the Scottish electorate still only represents 5% of the UK wide electorate – so to be dictated to by a Nationalist who finds communism too mainstream will clearly never be allowed to happen. Survation’s view of the nation polls confirms the SNP to be at 5% or consistently 1/3 of the UKIP National vote. Not even RedEd would be daft enough as to fall for the bluff.

Survation_25Jan15_pollUKIP meanwhile shrugged off the usual bigot and racist slurrs to launch the “100 reasons to vote UKIP” campaign. Plenty of gems in the list – and for sure one or two banana skins.

The public’s behind us right now.

But for me lets take just 5 of the 100 stated policies below and build from there…and of course being UKIP policies they have the additional benefit of adding up / being self funding. And actually generating a year on year suplus. Shush. Tories will nick these too of that I am in no doubt. Anyway check them out at

Star Policy number 1 = leave the EU. Annualised savings £10 billion plus

Star Policy number 2 = scrap HS2. Annualised savings at least £10 billion

Star Policy number 3 = no overseas aid other than schemes proven to aid poor people overseas! Annualised saving £9 billion
HS2-U-turn2_osbornStar Policy number 4 = abolish student fees for those studying Science Engineering and Medecine. Estimated annual cost less than £5 billion – the Institute for Fiscal Studies estimated TOTAL cost of all student loans.

Star Policy number 5 = abolish Inheritance Tax. Period. Annual cost estimated at £3 billion. Around twice what RedEd claims his Mansion Tax raises. Although that has been picked to pieces by all credible, mainstream UK political journalists. You will probably be hearing less and less about this.

Hopefully some of the above can be drawn out over the next 3 1/2 months or 100 days. Anyone caring to do so – even wise Sage himself Andrew Neil – will discover that the above will generate a net 10 + 10 + 9 – 5 -3 = + £21 billion.

Thats cash positive annually of £21,000,000,000. In man in pub terms roughly equals the UK’s ENTIRE secondary schools budget for 2015.

Total. All of it.

Clearly the above will need to be hushed up, covered up or ignored by Sir Murdoch’s media as promoting a balanced budget with substance and costed facts could never possibly gain traction, or catch on. Could it?

Have a great week.

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