Reputations matter – in accademia at least

Thursday: and finally they are starting to break cover. The Politicians of course continue to keep their heads firmly buried in the sand to the UKIP threat. Ignored us. Laughed at us. Had their friends in the EU-funded media actively produce and broadcast anti-UKIP programs.

But at the Universities at least. Integrity and Reputations are important. Today Matthew Goodwin Professor at Nottingham University continues the trend. He has stated today that UKIP have 4 seats “practically in the bag”. He goes on to suggest that 10 well documented Constituencies will see UKIP challending. For the record these are (1) Clacton (slam dunk), (2) Thanet South (Mr Farage’s “must win” prize),

Thanet_South_Ladbrokes(3) Thurrock (4) Rochester & Strood (5) Castlepoint, (6) Boston & Skegness (7) Great Grimsby (8) Thanet North (9) Great Yarmouth and (10) Cannock Chase.

The Bookies are rarely wrong – here’s hoping Ladbrokes have Nigel’s 11% lead about right!

Survation’s figures suggest the 11% lead last week. And Lord Ashcroft this morning will probably prefer not to publish his 8,000 mega poll showing UKIP on 18% and Labour ahead by 3%. Any anti-Cameron stats from here on in will be denied and destroyed before they ever see the light of day.

UKIP_England_NickExpert_05March2015_CaptureWe think that positive results could occur literally anywhere come May.

Even the EU funded BBC obedient Peter Kellner’s YouGov has woken up to the reality and is accepted that UKIP win ONE (1) seat on May 7th!

The poll of polls amongst academics suggests UKIP will win 7 Constituencies at the General Election. We should each of us ask what little bit extra can we do to make that difference.

Less than 70 days left. Keep spreading the word.

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