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Saturday 23rd: and the AGM of UKIP Welwyn Hatfield Branch.

at the UKIP Welwyn Hatfield AGM on Saturday 21st March 2015, Sanjay Gadhvi was elected unanimously as the new Chairman;  Welwyn Hatfield PPC Arthur Stevens welcomed the news and commented “Sanjay has been an active member of our branch since 2013 and has provided much appreciated wise counsel to me and others in the branch since we formed in October 2013″.

Sanjay Gadhvi has been a resident in Welwyn since 1989 and in his own words, entered the political arena out of shere frustration at the constant, meaningless squabbles between the Labour and Tory parties. UKIP offers up fresh alternatives. No more buck-passing. A break to the cycle of “same menu different chef”.

DC_who_caresIn fact the whole LibLabCon is one huge confidence trick on the UK.

Sanjay commented on Saturday that “since legitimately joining the Common Market (Under Prime Minister Heath), successive governments have all refused point blank to put the basic question of EU membership to the British People. On cue, just last week, following the budget, David Cameron promised – yet again – to “re-negotiate first’ with the European Union and then offer his employers, the UK electorate, the vote, maybe, as to whether we remain members of the failed club or not”.

Sanjay continued: “Please Mr Cameron, why do you continue to treat the electorate with such contempt, why have you pulled back from your 2009 promise of an “in out”  referendum.” It was stamped all over your EU 2009 Elections’ referendum.

“We continue to witness a total inability of the EU to solve the issue of Greece and Greece’s own failure to come up with a credible exit strategy. This is not because they, the Greek People, do not wish to exit the EU, but because the structure of the EU and Greece’s illogically fragile position in it, has proved to be the biggest hurdle against a speedy evacuation and soon to follow economic recovery. It is not a question of “if Greece will leave but only, When and How?”. Greece’s exit will be a bitter pill for Lady Merkel and others to swallow, but like much in life, a necessary one.

Greek_debt_2As of Saturday, Greece was again threatening Germany “not to pay”.

Chairman Sanjay went on to show how historical precedent has done nothing by way of true democratic change, enlivened new thinking or even democratic action to ask the one, true question facing the United Kingdom today. He went on:

“in 2010 We voted out Labour-Gordon Brown in favour of Tory-Cameron. Very unpopular Labour

1997, Tory John Major was voted out in favour of Labourite Tony Blair. Very unpopular Tories

1979, ditto, team GB voted out James Callaghan (ne Wilson) in favour of Margaret Thatcher. Very Unpopular Labour

1974, again we voted out very unpopular Tories ( this time led by Ted Heath) in order to deliver a second helping of Harold Wilson.

Are we unable or unwilling to see the pattern here? Must we continue to be part of a flat-batted, ping pong contest between incompetent Labour and incomprehensible Conservatives?

YouGov_Poll-of-polls 2010-Jan2015The public are with us. Last year we proved that the status quo is actually the status why? Chang can occur!

“Mr Miliband says it is time for change. We agree! But Tories to Labour and back again is not a change from where I’m sitting? Simply a return to Downing Street of either of 2 fundamentally failing and 2 clueless Westminster elite clubs will clearly provide no new solutions. Red Ed is beholden to Len McCluskey – David Cameron to forces we cannot always see or be aware of. Neither of them is change. Both of them are “status quo”.

“If we want change than UKIP is the only change on offer today, tomorrow and on Thursday May 7th. We are the only credible alternative. Thank you for your time and support”.

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