Dean Milliken photograph

Howlands candidate

Dean Milliken

I am 46 years old married with 4 children. I was born in Howlands, brought up here and lived in this community most of my life. I attended local J.M.I and senior schools and today I’m a bus driver of over 20 years experience. When I say I know every street, road and Cul-de-sac in Howlands, you know that’s true. In my time I have seen much change in Hertfordshire – much for the better. But a lot has happened that I, like you am less happy about.

I am asking, with pride for your vote so that I and UKIP may represent you on the Welwyn Hatfield District Council as I truly believe this party has polices that will improve the lot of every working person in this country and their families.

We believe that by leaving the EU we will be able to control our borders, take stock and plan properly for our future. In Welwyn Hatfield alone the government has instructed your council to “find room” for 12,500 more houses, many of them here in Howlands, resulting in less affordable rents, longer waits to access GP services, less likelihood of our children getting places in our local schools and colleges.

If you give me your vote next May, you will support UKIP’s People’s Army. UKIP’s army, with its growing number of councillors and MPs WILL bring needed, positive change to the UK.

You know that a local family man will not let you and your families down.