Hollybush candidate

James Milliken

I have lived in Welwyn Garden City the majority of my life, being born at QE2. My Grandparents have lived in the area since the 1960’s. I currently live in Hollybush in which is a pleasant area and would be proud to represent. I have been involved in local activities such as Skiing & Boxing which are a great way to be involved in the community. I am currently studying Law, Government, Politics and Business Studies.

The reason why I want to become a Councillor is because I have always been interested in being involved in the community and playing a role in which I can be recognized. I am 18 years old yet I am very keen to help others and represent UKIP. The reason why I support UKIP is due to personally being disillusioned with the ‘Westminster bubble’ and UKIP being the only party to truly represent the average person.

My favourite UKIP policy is to leave the EU as I think that leaving the European Union is for the best, a great reason being its undemocratic ways and force led laws dominant on Britain. Leaving the EU will advantage us from choosing a wider audience of market but still of course trading with Europe without being part of a club which makes Britain inferior.

Having lived in Welwyn Garden City I have been made very aware of potential changes which are going to take place in Welwyn Hatfield. The most surprising being 12,500 houses being built and a vastly amount being built on ‘green field’ sites. I am determined to abolish Hospital car park charges which I think is dreadful.

WHDC will be better under UKIP as we make the housing association fairer and the QE2 will be a major target for us to keep the A&E and free parking.

If I am able to become a Councillor I will be extremely pleased to be involved in solving issues and representing my ward (Hollybush). If you have any questions please contact me through;

Twitter: @JamesAMilliken

Email: james-milliken@hotmail.co.uk