Hatfield Central candidate

Richard Colwell

I have lived in the north of the constituency for the last 10 years, with my wife Hazel and our 5 dogs.

Our 5 children have mostly left home, and 3 of them despite achieving very good degrees from major UK universities have each ended up saddled with upto £30,000 of debt.

This is clearly wrong. UKIPs policy of zero tuition fees for students undertaking highly recognised degrees in “skills scarce” subjects immediately resonates with our family.

Locally recent scandals and wasted public money on the Hatfield incinerator project – and the demand from central government that 12,500 houses be built on largely green field sites, has seen me decide to become engaged in local politics. Abolishing all hospital car parking charges would be the one single change I would work tirelessly for to make happen.