Tom Holdsworth photograph

Haldens candidate

Tom Holdsworth

I was born in Welwyn Garden City and have lived locally for my entire life. I have a lifetime of experience managing projects worldwide and hope for the opportunity to offer my expertise to the local community.

As a largely non-political person for most of my life I found myself becoming angry and frustrated at the numerous and continual betrayals and disastrous mistakes of past and present governments. I was also appalled by the subjugation of our country to the unelected, unaccountable Brussels bureaucracy. I discovered that UKIP were not only different to the other parties in having sensible down to earth aims and policies, but are also a party which might have a chance of actually returning some sanity to our country. Hoping to assist in making a difference for the better I joined UKIP.

Locally our council and MP have presided over numerous calamities including the virtual closure of the QE2 hospital amidst claims that the replacement ‘clinic’ is actually better for us than a fully fledged hospital. The proposed Panshanger development is also yet another disaster heading for our community as is the re-emergence of doubts over the future of the Barnfield site, this time as a waste dump. Our local politicians appear to be powerless or unwilling to oppose these catastrophes and it is time for a change to UKIP who are not traditional politicians tied to party lines and political correctness but simply ordinary people who have decided enough is enough and it is time for straight talking and action.

With adequate UKIP representation on the council, UKIP councillors will be able to ensure that decisions made are for the real benefit of the areas populace and not merely for party political advantage.

If you want to see real change and have decisions affecting your life based on what is best for both the country and for local people vote UKIP.