the Greatest Lie ever Sold

That leaving the EU will cost the UK jobs.


Leaving the EU will save us over £12billion pounds every year. Forever.

That’s enough money to fix the Health Service for Good – and have plenty to spare.

That’s enough money to provide free University education for Britain’s best and brightest.

That’s enough money to abolish Inheritance Tax overnight – that envy-fuelled robber of our life savings


The UK is the largest single member state market for ALL the other European countries (EU or otherwise).

We are sold more cars than we sell.

We are sold more white goods than we export.

We are the second largest net contributor into the EU. Without us, the EU budget would have to be cut by 25%

CONCLUSION. They need us more than we need them.

UKIP – we just SAY what the rest of you are THINKING.



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