There IS only one vote…

…and that is for a party with a fully costed manifesto for the next 5 years. And a costed manifesto that was independently validated by an independent and respected think-tank. And this manifesto and its costings has NEVER been challenged ONCE in the last 6 weeks.

UKIP is the ONLY sensible, logical vote for change. It is positive. It will enable us and our country to:

  • Invest a real, EXTRA £3 billion into the NHS every year
  • Enable students to study subjects at university, that the UK economy needs, for free on an ability-based selection method
  • Enable the abolishing of Inheritance tax forever
  • Allow workers on the minimum wage (£13,500 per annum) to pay zero income tax, keep all of their hard earned wages and thus eliminate the tax & working tax credit back nonsense
  • ensure the country maintains its 2% NATO commitment on defence spending

the list of positive reasons for change and for a UKIP vote goes on and on and on and on. Moreover we will regain control of our borders and ensure our pensioners are all comfortable in retiremenIMG_6311t. You’ll find all of this in our best ever 76 page 2015 manifesto.

you can see this at or email any members listed there who will be only too happy to send you a PDF or Hard Copy.

Read it.

See for yourself. Put it to the common sense test. And then vote UKIP. It’s the only vote that MAKES sense. And don’t forget that the only problem with common sense is that it is not that common!

thank you.



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