Truth Will Out – Out is winning

Momentum is vitally important in any referendum campaign. Only Gordon Brown’s lies saved the Scots from themselves last year. They would be bankrupt had Mrs Sturgeon had her dangerous ways (although in many ways it would have been funny to see their first bid in 200 years fail after 20 weeks)


To close here are some more lies and manipulative statements from Harold Wilson’s 1975 pamphlet used to mind-f@@ck the voting population THEN into staying with the corrupt Euro project. Actual words distributed, in writing, to every household in the UK >>>

“Inside the Market we can work to get more European Community money spent inside Britain:

More from the Social Fund for retraining workers in new jobs. Since we joined we have benefited from this Fund to the tune of over £20 million a year.

More from the Community’s new Regional Fund, which already stands to bring us £60 million in the next three years.

More from the Farm Fund when world prices are high. For instance, up to now we have obtained £40 million from this Fund to bring down the price of sugar in the shops.

More from the Coal & Steel funds and the European Investment Bank. Since we joined, arrangements have already been make for loans and grants of over £250 million.
The long period of negotiation between Britain and the other Market countries has proved that the Market is not a rigid organisation.

It is flexible. It is ready and able to adapt to changing world conditions.

It can, and does, respond to the differing needs of member states”

And with that I will leave you to cogitate, deliberate and digest. There is only one logical choice on June 23rd. And its clearly to leave the EU super-state project for the rest of Europe. Get out whilst we still can.

You will not be asked again.




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