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Wilsons lies – lest we forget

in 1975 the Thought Police were out in force – delivering pamphlets to every registered voter in the country.

The following is taken – “cut and pasted” from that 1975 tissue of lies.


Lest we forget some of the lies INCLUDED but were not restricted to:

“We confidently believe that these better terms can give Britain a New Deal in Europe. A Deal that will help us, help the Commonwealth, and help our partners in Europe”

“The aims of the Common Market are:
•To bring together the peoples of Europe.
•To raise living standards and improve working conditions.
•To promote growth and boost world trade.
•To help the poorest regions of Europe and the rest of the world.
•To help maintain peace and freedom”

“On March 18 the Prime Minister was able to make this announcements:

‘I believe that our renegotiation objectives have been substantially though not completely achieved.’

What were the main objectives to which Mr. Wilson referred? The most important were FOOD and MONEY and JOBS.”

 FOOD: “At the same time many food prices in the rest of the world have shot up, and our food prices are now no higher because Britain is in the Market than if we were outside.”

MONEY: “Under the previous terms, Britain’s contribution to the Common Market budget imposed too heavy a burden on us. The new terms ensure that Britain will pay a fairer share. We now stand, under the Dublin agreement, to get back from Market funds up to £125 million a year.”

ECONOMY: “There was a threat to employment in Britain from the movement in the Common Market towards an Economic & Monetary Union. This could have forced us to accept fixed exchange rates for the pound, restricting industrial growth and putting jobs at risk. This threat has been removed.

Britain will not have to put VAT on necessities like food.”


Another anxiety expressed about Britain’s membership of the Common Market is that Parliament could lose its supremacy, and we would have to obey laws passed by unelected ‘faceless bureaucrats’ sitting in their headquarters in Brussels.”

I could go on.

But whats the point

You get the point. Don’t fall for it again. Mobilise. Get out the OUR vote on June 23rd.

You know it makes sense.






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