You would have to be Mad

to think of voting for the LibLabCon. If you are thinking of supporting Nuttily Bennett you probably are mad already.

but as you head into the ballot booth today – and 5 in every 6 votes cast in the General Election will be recorded today – think on some if not all of the following:

on 1st January 2017 the EU will approve legislation to give THEM the power to overrule any member state allowing their people an In/Out referendum. Cameron’s pledge is PHONEY.

Immigration net was 298,000 last year. It is rising. It will be greater this year. It will hit a record all time high this year. Cameron lied.

we are STILL despite austerity running a UK budget deficit of £90 billion. That’s the Education & Defence budgets combined. Our TOTAL national debt now exceeds £1.5 trillion. That’s 2 years TOTAL government spending.

Labour doubled the national debt in 13 years.

the Coalition REDOUBLED it in the last 5.

RedEd and Mr Cooper have only confessed to 3 tax increases – the Mansion Tax, an increased higher rate of income tax of 50% to effect senior nurses & teachers and increased corporate tax.

The independent Institute of Fiscal Studies has estimated these may raise £1billion, zero and £1billion respectively.

the sum total of Labours election spending pledges will cost, so far, around £20 billion. That means more borrowing, more interest to repay and a repeat of Gordon Browns near bankruptcy in 2010.

both establishment parties are fake. Both will re crash the UK economy. Both will fail the British people.

you have been warned – please vote UKIP today.image

Thank You.




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